Daily Outfit — 4th February 2009

Daily outfit

Hey girl, what you wearing?

Answer: comfortable clothes. When I’m writing, I like to twist around, sit cross-legged, pace back & forth with a pen in my mouth, stand up & re-read my work aloud to an invisible audience, & practice terrible posture by leaning forward, squinting intently.

Then I take a break, hoop dance, lie in repose on the couch & stare up at the clouds, drink tall glasses of water, make exquisitely long phone calls, flick my hair around like a unicorn & watch the sea. Yes, I spend quite a lot of time loungin’. Like LL Cool J. Kind of.

All of these activities require clothing which allows you flexibility. Trackpants are an obvious choice, but they are not a charming one. It’s hard to feel glamorous in anything with a drawstring. Why not wear something simple but fetching & dress it up with sparkly jewellery? So I turn to slips, gowns & kimonos for my unusual needs, & they take care of me quite well.

One of my style resolutions for 2009 is to expand my collection of lounge-wear. I am totally going to go on an internet blitz & find some pieces which fit the bill, so sit tight for a post on THAT!

Daily outfitSo whatcha whatcha whatcha want?!

To be specific…

Ryan of Joolwe sent me this insanely sparkly blue goldstone bib necklace from their ELLE collection & I loooooooooove iiiiiiiiiiiit!
Black slip from Sparkle & Fade (I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it may have been the best $10 I ever spent)
Blue & pink kimono from a Japanese shop in Melbourne
Pink watch from Too Late
Faceted blue goldstone bracelet also from Joolwe‘s ELLE collection (dear Ryan, MWAH MWAH, love Gala)
Silver “Lolita” I.D. bracelet (given to me by a sweet nonpareil who found it in a secondhand shop)
Two bracelets made using clear quartz, rose quartz, Swarovski crystals & hematite stars
& you may or may not have noticed… I have long hair again! & I’m SO HAPPY! Thank you, Wildilocks!

Daily outfitDetail shots, ’cause I know how you love them!

P.S. What was I wearing on this day two years ago? Now you know!