Daily Outfit — 4th September 2008

Hello, this is my plane outfit! In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a flight to Auckland, then one to LAX, then another to JFK… I have honestly been packing my suitcases for two days, so it is a relief to be done!

Daily Outfit

Pink headscarf (helps disguise plane hair)
Long-sleeved black Merino wool top
‘Happiness is a dachshund’ t-shirt (too true!)
Black jeans
Frye boots
Awesome new tote bag by Rootote!

I’m going to throw my black scarf & long grey cardigan over the top of all of this for optimal sleep coziness!

I thought it might be entertaining to know what I pack in my carry-on luggage, too. (Just thinking about this makes me want to sing the Virgo song!)

In my carry-on

Baby wipes
Powder, concealer, a brush & mascara (all of the above items are in the little white/black/pink bag by M Design Boutique!)
Cleanser, day & night cream (in an awesomely convenient Evolu travel tower)
Digital camera (er, not pictured)
iPod & headphones
Helio (+ charger) & Nokia phones
SD card reader
Wallet (I forgot to take it out of the bag!)

Zee bag, eet ees cool, yes? I am not that amazing a French speaker, given that I haven’t studied it for 7 years (oh my god, I’m so old), but from what I can deduce, the bag says…

“Begin. The first step is the most important one. Good. So start.”

Which seems extremely appropriate! I’m really happy with the bag because it has pockets in it, which is virtually unheard of in a tote bag, plus it actually fits all my carry-on nonsense! (No small feat.) Rootote are also supporting iCiNG this month, so go & check out their lovely wares!

…& finally, photographic evidence of my Barbie manicure, as requested!

Mmm, sparkly

Sparklemania! Do you love it? I do!

Okay… Fingers crossed… !