Daily Outfit — 5th April 2007 — nighttime!

My outfit for the Curvy 2007 booklaunch. Unfortunately you can’t see the detail underneath… I put the weird Photoshop lensflare in there so you get the idea that my leggings are sparkly! They have little bits of silver glitter all over them, seriously, they are dope. (Dope?)

Pink striped headscarf
Death of the Bunny Girl t-shirt
Long black hoodie
Black/grey tartan skirt — new purchase from Sportsgirl, I love it
Black sparkly leggings — also a new purchase from Sportsgirl. I have been eyeing them up for weeks & finally, I gave in.
New Rock platform boots. These need repairs, they used to be my treasures but now they give me blisters, ugh.
Green velvet hooded coat with a strange fabric button
Black leather gloves — I cut the fingertips off & they look so cool now!