Daily Outfit — 6th January 2007

Daily Outfit, 6th January 2007.
You can see bigger pictures here & here.

I’ve been wearing this for a few days now actually. It’s been around 100 degrees fahrenheit & this is so comfortable it’s difficult to wear anything else.

Pink/gold headscarf
Light cotton bed-shirt from Peter Alexander
Olive shorts from Workshop
Treasured cowboy boots

One of my style resolutions for the year was to wear red lipstick more often. I bought MAC Red lipstick & MAC Foreign Intrigue Glitz & Gloss off Ebay & I think I have worn both every day since they arrived in my (literally) hot little hands — the gloss over the top of the lipstick. I absolutely love the way it looks, though having to wear neutral eye-colour is something I’m still adjusting to.

My cowboy boots recently arrived from London, still covered in playa dust — I have missed them so much! I also think that the headscarf with its muted colours goes exceptionally well with everything — pink & olive green is one of my favourite colour combinations.