Daily Outfit: 7th July 2010

Daily outfit

Daily outfit

This outfit is SO simple but PERFECT for summer!

I am wearing…
Pentagram/crystal necklace (This came from my friend Ed in Austin. When I went to visit him, he suddenly came into the living room with plastic bags full of metal jewellery. He used to sell it in the 70s & had kept a lot of the most amazing or unusual pieces. I had a dig through & took a bunch of rad things, including the two pendants which I’ve put together to make this necklace. One is a fantastic pentagram & the other is a piece of quartz with an intricate skull carved into the top of it! I wear this necklace almost EVERY day, I absolutely love & adore it!)
The world’s most amazing bra — aka the Sexy Little Things (TM) plunge push-up — from Victoria’s Secret
Dress by French Connection
Kiss-lock framed purse by Betsey Johnson
Suzee Q wedge heels by Chinese Laundry
Chloe 2145 sunglasses

Daily outfit

I bought this dress at French Connection in Las Vegas Premium Outlets. I’d never shopped at French Connection before, & they had some really cute stuff. I absolutely looove this dress. It’s well-made, comfortable & fits really nicely. Not too tight, & not too baggy. I’ve owned it for less than a month & I’ve already worn it on at least four occasions. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I can tell it’s going to be one I keep forever.

That having been said, it has taken me a while to work out how to wear it best. The straps are quite long (& are already fastened on the shortest button), which makes the neckline really low. The first time I wore it (to dinner with Sarah Wilson), I think I went braless, & it was a bit of a gamble. It wasn’t quite right & was more than a little nerve-wracking! The second time I wore a black strapless bra, but again, the neckline’s so low that the top of the cups peeked out & it looked wrong wrong wrong.

The solution? A fun, fabulous bra! A good bra will make your bosoms look marvellous & a bright colour or pattern adds a little visual interest to the outfit. This bra is from Victoria’s Secret & I am pretty much in love with it. Hello, cleavage! You are a new friend & I like you!

Oh my god! I just found the dress online & it is $53!!! Marla dress! Yoooooou’re welcome!

Daily outfit

I love wedges for summer. I used to despise wedges, until one day I tried some on & realised how comfortable they are & how they elongate your leg! I wore my last pair until they fell apart. These ones came from the Chinese Laundry store in Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall. The girls working there were so sweet!

So, I wore this outfit to meet Molly for a long lunch, & then walk all the way from the Ace Hotel back to my apartment. (Two miles. P.S. It was 100° F. That’s 37° C.) Who knows why I did this? (It actually wasn’t that bad. I am trying to acclimate, okay?!) I came home for a while & did some work before going out again to take these photos, but I forgot the accessory I was wearing! This ring!

Daily outfit

Is it not amazing?! It was made by BloodMilk, who you should definitely check out. Her work is fantastic. About the ring, she says…

“a victorian funeral piece has been cast immortal in a hand oxidized sterling silver. this image was often pinned to the flowers that were laid to rest over the grave of a dearly departed child. although macabre in it’s original inent, here it is a beautiful statement of i’amour fou, or mad love, something the surrealists believed in. // by taking a unexpected object and reassigning it a new identity, i’m speaking of the surreal notions of ‘objective chance’, objects that were conjoined that had seemingly nothing to do with each other but were secretly connected like constellations. this ring also appeals to my obsession with victorian mourning. such care and detail was given to the original piece! // this is one of my favorite pieces, as the original has adorned my own finger for many years after i unearthed it from a antique shop in New Orleans shortly before it drowned.”

Isn’t that magical? It is my new favourite accessory. I have been wearing it on the middle finger of my left hand.

Daily outfit

I love this blue. I love even more the way the orange POST NO BILLS stencil & the random spraypaint complement it! It’s a wall around a construction site near my house.

One of the foremen saw me doing this & asked if I wanted him to take my picture. I said no thank you, but I should have invited him into the frame with me. Next time!!!

Daily outfit

Still getting comfortable with smiling in photos… ! Please enjoy my gnashers!


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