Daily Outfit — 7th March 2009

Daily outfit

Hello — again! — from Hollywood! The Hollywood sign is actually behind me in this picture, but you might need to squint to see it!

Frames from Urban Outfitters
Holographic unicorn Christmas ornament
Pink vintage slip — a gift from my amazing friend Mary Bee!
High-waisted grey skirt from H&M
Sequinned hooded jacket from Forever 21
Neon pink bag
Faux-Alexander Wang heels from Forever 21
Assortment of bracelets & rings

Daily outfit

Today, Jazzi & Nubby & I walked around Hollywood. & who did we run into?

Daily outfit

JAMES ST JAMES! He is totally fabulous & even before I realised who he was, he talked at me for five minutes about how much he loved my outfit. What a sweetheart.

Daily outfit

Virgo Power. I’m so happy to have my girl with me!

Daily outfit

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