Daily Outfit — 7th September 2007

What I wore to the Object of Desire show last night…

Daily outfit

Big hair!
Elle Macpherson camisole
Button-coat by Laurie Foon
Purple lamé leggings from American Apparel
Slouchy high-heeled cowboy boots from Dizingof
Pearls, lucite bangles & Tarina Tarantino rings

I think this outfit is missing something! Like a big belt around the middle. This coat has a fabric belt which I tied behind my back to cinch it in & give it shape, but I think I could have given that a miss & used a big saddle-style belt instead. I don’t have one, though! Next purchase, maybe…

Here is my outfit in action! (Exciting!)

Object of Desire show

I wasn’t lying about the good view…

Object of Desire show

Object of Desire show

Fashion is serious business, you know!