Daily Outfit: 8th June 2010

Daily outfit


The weather has been so beautiful lately, it is totally inspiring me to take more outfit photos! I hope you’re enjoying them!

This is what I wore to attend a meeting, see The Dish for lunch & browse Victoria’s Secret before coming home. I keep going in there in the search for rad, flattering (i.e. straight leg, not tapered!), brightly coloured sweatpants, but so far the search seems fruitless! Any suggestions?!

Daily outfit

I am wearing…

Silver hoop earrings from Claire’s in Las Vegas
Crystal skull & pentagram necklace (gift from my friend Ed in Texas)
Chloe 2145 sunglasses
Miraculous(TM) Push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret (um, these bras are amazing. Really. Amazing.)
Racerback tank in Very Berry, also from Victoria’s Secret
Yellow bow belt from WORLD
Vintage 1950s skirt from eBay
Super Sheer Back Seam stockings from American Apparel (but I would not recommend — I bought two pairs, one nude & one black, & both ripped on the first wear)
Pink studded heels by Rock & Republic

It was so funny taking these photos because the street is quite highly-trafficked. Bus-drivers & construction workers kept smiling & waving & honking at me. Plenty of people came over to comment on my outfit, too. This is New York City after all, everyone has an opinion & needs to have it heard!

Setting up your tripod & taking photos of yourself in public is always an unusual experience!

Daily outfit

This skirt flares out so nicely. It makes me wanna go dancing! I am wearing a crinoline underneath but it is the wrong length, it only comes to the knee which makes the skirt fall a bit unnaturally. OH WELL. I do what I can!

Even better than the shape is the fact that it has pockets! Who could say no to pockets?!

The fabric reminds me of some upholstery in my parents’ house when I was growing up. We had (I think) a couch & an armchair covered in a print that was really similar, but more raspberry than purple. It’s quite comforting in that way!

Daily outfit

Things you wouldn’t know unless I told you: I am sitting on the steps of a halfway house.

I like that the door is pink.

Daily outfit

I bought these shoes on Ideeli for less than $100! Sadly, like my last outfit post, they are very very uncomfortable! They make my toes go numb & my heels slip out of the back, even though I put heel stoppers in.

Want to know a secret? I wore motorcycle boots to my meeting, & changed my shoes in the lobby of the building. Sehr klasse!

I really need some of those ballet shoes which roll up & fit in your handbag. I must be getting old or practical or boring because the idea of wearing uncomfortable shoes for any real length of time is starting to do my head in. New York City is a huge walking city but for some reason it also has the worst sidewalks in… anywhere. Totally uneven & sloping with holes in. I am going to start wearing sneakers everywhere in protest! (You think I’m joking! I’M NOT!)

Daily outfit

I wouldn’t usually wear stockings with this kind of outfit, but today I decided I had to because otherwise I would end up with Blisters From Hell. I think it worked!

I was also originally wearing a black tank with the skirt, when I cast my eye around my room & realised I had this one which was a much better colour match. (In fact, almost perfect.) Ding ding ding! It makes the ensemble much more fun & colourful.

Daily outfit

So, in short, I love this outfit. It makes me happy, & it’s really summery with a fabulous silhouette. It kind of reminds me of a psychedelic 1950s schoolteacher, too. I think it’s the length of the skirt worn with the stockings & heels — like I should be standing at a blackboard, menacingly waving a ruler while chanting algebraic formulae!

I was walking down Madison Avenue yesterday while I wore this, & a little old lady coming in the opposite direction stopped me as we were crossing the road. “Excuse me, is there a crinoline under that?!” she asked. “Yes!” I replied. “But… that’s from the 1950s!” she spluttered. It was so funny. Yes, ma’am! Fashion is cyclical!

Daily outfit

Lots of love from very warm, very beautiful New York City to wherever you are!