Daily Outfit: 9th February 2010

Daily Outfit

I went back to my secret nook under the stairs to take outfit photos!

I am wearing…

Black knit hat from Visage
Pentagram t-shirt from Yes Style
Vintage leather miniskirt
Black faux fur coat from Forever 21
Black stockings
Boots from TopShop
Diamante skull ring from eBay
Diamante heart ring

Daily Outfit

YesStyle is my new obsession. I have bought a bunch of items from them, & am waiting for them to arrive. This t-shirt was a “trial” to see if I was happy with the quality, & I am… Just you WAIT until you see what I’ve ordered!

Anyway, I love this oversized t-shirt dress so much, especially the grey sections — it makes it look layered with absolutely no effort from me. I am into that! Even better, you can wear something really warm underneath & it’s totally hidden.

Daily Outfit

This is the kind of thing I wear on days when I don’t have much to do, or am just vibeing mega-relaxed. It’s slouchy & cute & can be thrown together in a matter of moments. I wore it to Thor on Friday night for drinks with some girlfriends & it was brill.

Daily Outfit

Gnome girl!

Mostly I am trying to psych myself up for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It officially starts tomorrow, & it all comes as a bit of a rude awakening given that I have been living in cashmere leggings & motorcycle boots for the last two & a half months! Time to dress up & actually leave the house! Phwoar!

Daily Outfit


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