Daily Outfit — 9th September 2008

Daily outfit

It’s been a Betsey Johnson kinda day. First I went to the show, sat in the front row, & just about died of awesome. Then I hopped the subway down to the Betsey Johnson boutique in Soho… & well… Let’s just say, baby went shopping.

(You can call me a bag lady like Erykah Badu, if you want. I don’t mind.)

But oh, oh, what did I buy? It’s a surprise, though I will tell you that I bought myself a birthday dress & a nice pair of shoes to go with it…

Okay, so here’s what I wore to the show.

Daily outfit

Super-cheap dress (you know it, I wore it to the Louis Vuitton party when I was here last!)
Cardigan from Urban Outfitters (I’m getting a lot of wear out of it)
Earrings & ring from Tokyomade (close-ups below!)
Bag by Trent Nathan
Long grey socks
Frye Veronica Shortie boots
Other ring by Tarina Tarantino

That little blue bag is my swag bag from the show. Contents: the sunglasses I’m wearing in these photos, underwear, eye-shadow from Makeup Forever, a perfume sample, shampoo, & an invitation to the Betsey Johnson afterparty! (My next stop…)

I love Tokyomade

This arrived in the mail from Tokyo today. I am in RAPTURE. It is the most amazing ring of all time, & I just gotta say a heartfelt THANKS to Deanne & Masao, the best long-distance friends a gal could have! (Some of you might remember it was on my birthday wishlist…) If you want to procure one of these for yourself, click here! Too incredible; I love the Pink Champaign one!

Daily outfit

I also had my photo taken by Nylon Japan today. It was pretty fantastic.

Details of the Betsey Johnson show soon! (I took photos & made videos!)