Daily Outfit — Hallowe’en Eve 2008

Latex nun

Last night I went to a hallowe’en party hosted by Mariah Carey. On the down side, it was lame. On the plus side, my outfit was awesome. If I do say so myself.

It was almost impossible to get good photos of it though, as you can see. Believe me, we tried!

Latex nun

Latex nun’s dress & habit from Twist My Rubber Arm
Latex gloves from some fetish shop
Guess Borda platform mary janes

Why yes, I was cold! I had also never worn latex before. It is an arduous process, involving lots of baby powder (which you have to coat your body with to get the dress on), crazy shimmying antics (to actually get into it) & rubbing the entire thing with liquid silicon to make it shiny. It also feels like you’re wearing a swimming cap. & it makes a funny noise when you walk.

Tonight I am going to wear something that doesn’t involve catching pneumonia in the name of dressing up! How about you? What are your plans for hallowe’enie?