For years, rumours swirled all around me. Everyone wanted to know how I had done it. There were whispers of a trust fund, a wealthy boyfriend, an even more affluent husband. How else could I be living the life I live?

And it’s no surprise. We all want to know how to make our dreams come true. But the real answer has nothing to do with fathers, boyfriends or husbands.

I’ve discovered that with the right attitude and intention, we can live a life of blessings — even miracles — with ease and grace. The hard slog is old-fashioned and outmoded. It’s much more modern to hold hands with the universe and double-dutch right over our limiting beliefs.

That’s why I’m delighted to announce DARE/DREAM/DO, a 30-day email series that outlines the steps I personally take to manifest a life worth swooning over!

We start out with DARE, ten days of takin’ out the trash when it comes to fear, anxiety, and those lingering doubts which keep you back and hold you hostage. If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, leave a miserable relationship, or start all over again — but didn’t — this is for you. We can only really live out loud when we start to smash through those cold sweat-inducing cognitions, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

Then we move onto DREAM, which is all about opening our minds and giving ourselves permission to want more for ourselves. If you’re wondering whether your checklist should look like everyone else’s, take heed! This is for you if you’re feeling stuck, bored, underwhelmed or sapped of creative energy. For ten days, we’ll take a joyful stroll through our biggest, boldest, and most unconscious desires, resulting in a more expansive, playful and visionary world-view… And you’ll certainly be capable of shaking up some major shit by the time you get done!

Finally, we get cracking on DO. Now that you’ve gatecrashed your fear festival, crushed your jitters and know where you want to go, I’m going to show you how to make it happen. Over a ten day period, I’ll be teaching you my favourite — and quite unconventional! — methods for moving mountains in a beautiful, magical and enjoyable way.

You’ll learn how to run your energy, energise yourself with breath, and fill a room with positive intention. There’s chanting, ritual, candle magic and of course, advice on how to kick self-sabotage to the curb!


“These last 31 days, I had one thing to look forward to every day, a letter from you! Everyday it reminded me of who I am, who I am becoming, and who I want to be. I know every day I am working on me, that everyday is a day that I can take time and give myself a break. I must say I am sad that I won’t be receiving these emails anymore. This was the best money I’ve ever spent.” (Taylor Longden)
– Feedback on Radical Self Love Letters

DARE/DREAM/DO is a thirty-day experience, and costs $20. If you sign up right now, you’ll get your first lesson in 24 hours. And since I believe so much in magic, I’m donating $5 from each subscription in the first 24 hours to make Veronica’s dream come true.

Are you in? If so, click YES!

Let’s get magical…

Photos by Chellise Michael and Chloe Rice.