Darling HQ: A Sneak Peek!

Whizzing all around NYC with Tiffany Pratt back in July was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. We didn’t just collect cool things to jazz up my office space, we made merry all over the city. From the IKEA ferry (the best way to travel) to a hidden crystal shop, we laughed and dreamed and had a damn good time. What more could you ask of your decorator?!

Time to get a little Sound Of Music on you: these are a few of my favourite things!

A lipstick pink chair

This is my first “big girl” armchair. I fell in love with it on our first day together, when we visited ABC Carpet and Home and my eyes practically bulged out of my head at the magnificence of it all. This chair rocks my world from head to toe: it’s in my signature lipstick pink, it SWIVELS, and best of all? It was on sale, baby! I was in love with it straight away, but I held off a few days until I pulled the trigger. (See? I can be responsible and restrained sometimes!)


I heard of the mythical Rock Star years earlier, but for some reason, I hadn’t made time to visit. That was all remedied when Tiffany came to town… And when we swung the door open, we were absolutely gobsmacked. I walked out substantially heavier, my bag stuffed with crystals wrapped in tissue paper. They’re all part of my new altar. In the photo above, you can see galena, chalcopyrite, an aqua aura geode, pink agate, and magnetic rainbow hematite. (That’s not even all of it…)


One day, Tiffany took me by the hand and showed me the wonders of Mood. It is a wild treasure-trove of wonderful things, from sequin trim to crazy pom-poms and everything in between. We were primarily there to dress up my curtains (just you wait!), but the thing that thrilled me most — unexpectedly — turned out to be this pink metallic hide. What?! How does this even exist?! OMG. There are no words!


Rugs, rugs, glorious rugs. Originally we were going to go with the IKEA Stockholm — a bold, striped, black and white mat — but then I saw this overdyed turquoise rug (also at IKEA!), and I couldn’t resist. It reminded me of the incredible overdyed rugs they have at ABC… Just $10,000 cheaper. Admittedly, I was nervous about buying such a colourful rug, and knew in the back of my head that going with black and white was a much safer choice. But I’m thrilled we went with the turquoise. It’s lovely to have a pop of colour at your feet!

When you open the front door to our apartment, you see all the way down the hallway into the living room. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to walk in the door and see all that turquoise and pink bouncing back at me. It makes me feel like I’m truly “home” whenever I see it.

Stay tuned for more updates from #darlinghq!

With love from my brand new sofa,