DELIGHT or SMITE? (August)



Heart-shaped lockets! Fill them up with pictures of people you love & wear them around your neck.

Sticker photobooths, especially the ones you need someone Japanese to help you use! I love them so much, & recently rediscovered them in Sydney. The flashing lights, neon colours & seizure-inducing atmosphere is one to be relished. & remember, when you’re decorating your pictures, more bling is better!

Having oversized baggage but not being charged extra or being scolded! Best ever.

Realising that even the most successful people (e.g. Madonna) are still just people. See also: realising that even the most incredible people (e.g. Gwen Stefani) were just like you, once.

Having time to yourself to chill out & plan your next move.

Pictures of glamorous club kids as inspiration.


California. I am in the midst of a gripping obsession with all that is Hollywood-related. The city of angels, where dreams come true — or are dashed forever. Plastic surgery & self-indulgence in a city that holds 100,000 homeless. Constant sunshine, palm trees, convertibles & mysteries in the Hollywood Hills. I am dying to rent a house & spend a few months there, I just want to immerse myself in the madness.

Throwing little parties in celebration of life, & all that goes with it — hand-picking the guests, designing an invitation, creating a playlist, & pacing in anticipation before anyone arrives!

Big hair. Yesterday, today, & tomorrow. Wearing my hair up in a pomp makes me so happy!

Designing yourself a signature that any superstar would be proud of.

Thick pumpkin soup with lots of pepper & toasted bread. The best thing about winter, I swear.


Hotel beds with no support, which leave you with an aching body.

Uncontrollable air-conditioning which gives you a sore throat & an incredible case of dehydration. Argh!

Fake laughter. (Words cannot describe how uncool this is!)

Judging other people for how they look.

Not packing enough underwear when you go on holiday, but somehow packing the exact right number of vitamins?!

Procrastination! (I put off buying tickets to Gwen Stefani & now the only seats available have restricted viewing & it’s not worth the money, AAARGH!)

What makes your DELIGHT versus SMITE list for August?