Digital Divas & Wired Wenches: How To Conquer The Blogosphere In Six Inch Heels!

Evolving Influence 2010Last year at Evolving Influence.

‘Tis the season to workshop! Or so it seems!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be conducting a blogger workshop at Evolving Influence on February 11th! It’ll be held at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel in New York City, & it runs from 1pm to 2.30.

I’ve always enjoyed Evolving Influence. I spoke on a panel in February 2010, I spoke all by myself in September 2010, & this year, I’ve put together an interactive blogging workshop to which you are invited!

I think it will be so good, because we’ll be in a smaller room & there will be more opportunity for interaction, as opposed to me just speaking to you from a stage! I can’t can’t can’t WAIT to see your glowing faces, & help you out with whatever blogging issues have been bothering you!

The official name for my workshop is Essential Blogger Toolkit, but I prefer to think of it as…

Digital Divas & Wired Wenches:How To Conquer The Blogosphere In Six Inch Heels!

What makes your blog magical, & how can you keep it humming? This workshop will crystalize your vision & help you recognise your point of difference. Together, we’re going to work out what makes your blog really special! We’ll talk about staying true to YOU & how to monetise without feeling sleazy! You’ll discover your niche, get really clear about who your audience is & find out how best to engage them, both online & off. We’ll load you up with writing prompts, ideas to beat blogger burn-out (with style!) & discuss what makes a blog really pop!

Do your best to get there as soon as possible, because once the room is full, it’s full!

I’m not the only reason to go, either! (Not by a long shot!) The keynote is being given by Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler! There will also be other workshops, panels & talks–see Evolving Influence for more details!

Don’t be intimidated or nervous–the Evolving Influence conference is always a really fun event. You don’t have to be a “problogger” to attend; the guests are at all different levels, & you will definitely make some new friends!

It’s going to be amazing; I’m looking forward to seeing you! Get more information & snap up your tickets here!