Disguising A Chubby Body Part!

“One quick question that might prompt another article for us guys who read you. Have you any tips on disguising or hiding a big tummy? I have more weight than I really need, but it is mostly concentrated on my belly – how can I make sure I look my best (while I try to lose some weight at the same time)?”

I love it when men ask me questions! (Hint, hint!)

Okay, the first thing you need to know is that, really, there is no “disguising” anything. If you have a big belly, you have a big belly, & unfortunately David Copperfield doesn’t manufacture clothing that will make your lumps, bumps or jigglies disappear forever. The good news is that with careful dressing, you can minimise the emphasis on your tummy. People will know it’s there, but it won’t be the most obvious part of your appearance.

So, what are the tricks to minimise a body part?

Wear dark colours
I know that the first article I ever wrote was about moving away from black clothing — but it definitely has its uses! Dark colours make things look smaller. You don’t have to do black if that looks too severe on you; try chocolate brown, navy blue & dark grey. The best way to do this is clothe your “secret” part in black, then wear a splash of colour somewhere else. It’s a great trick. Wear an electric blue scarf, for example.

Avoid weird fabrics
By this I mean shiny, stiff or bulky fabric. All of these things accentuate your size, by clinging to the parts of your body you don’t like & then catching the eye. Also, try to avoid horizontal stripes (they can make teeny people look big).

Learn to layer
The eye is automatically drawn anywhere there is a break in your clothing — say, where your t-shirt meets your trousers. This means that if you have wide hips & your t-shirt ends just there, you are going to look even wider. If you have a big belly, try wearing your shirt untucked. It might sound slovenly, but see how it looks. Often it will help in creating a sleeker look.

Work on your posture
Cheesy, but true. If you stand up tall, you will look better.

Good luck to you sir, & congratulations on your weight-loss effort!