Divinity, Love & Living!

Last week I announced that we were going to be embarking on a fabulous new adventure — & here we are! My amazing friend & psychic advisor Joycelle will be doing weekly readings right here!

Am I on the right path & is this a viable career choice? I’m feeling as if the relationship I am in is falling apart, just wondering what to do & if the right person is ever going to come along.

— Kahurangi

Dear Kahurangi,

Yes I do believe you are on the right track & about to get rather focused, lining all your ducks up in a row!

It appears you have been struggling to assert yourself & your work, but that is all about to change dramatically!

Expect new beginnings & a fresh start. There will be an opportunity of a partnership in the making; this could come through a friend giving you some much needed help advice or counsel!

Expect some fantastic rewarding financial transactions calls for work & lots of inquiries about what you are doing and have to offer.

ROMANCE: if you can’t have this relationship exactly the way YOU want it then you won’t be sure you want it at all!

I see good luck attracting a new relationship or at least romance, & many invitations for socializing. One will be an invitation to a dress-up or formal party!

You will meet your man very close to or at either work or right outside your front door! Look out for a water sign man such as Pisces Cancer or Scorpio.

You seem to spend a lot of time daydreaming about love & romance & have been so close but no cigar with your love life in the past.

Trust me, this is going to change as there will be an aura of romance about you & you will start again on a new foot or with a new partner. I pick up a real fancy or passion for shoes around you?

Exciting stuff coming up with love everywhere as you now want quality over quantity!

As for a full detailed reading… Hold on tight, I am working with Gala to offer you all a fabulous discounted opportunity in the very near future via this wondrous site!

I declined becoming a graphic designer for becoming a teacher. I am really not sure if I have made the right decision… would you be so kind to tell me if I will make my way?

— Katharina, Germany

Hi Katharina,

I feel there has been a strong male influence around your decision.

When we are at a “soulful peace” we always make the correct decisions for our highest good. I see you are extremely creative with a love for friendships, cooking, food, nature, children & the great outdoors. You have many talents & I see you will stick with the teaching career & have the ability to pass with honours!

I believe you will spend 6 years in total studying child education with some papers connected to a University some distance from your immediate town, although they may be done online.

Study & then working with children will become a breeze for you. You will give children the power of hope, inspiration & show them how learning can be fun with a capital “F”!

Throughout your life you will show many people just how to have pleasure in their lives beyond the importance of the basics such as reading writing & communicating. You will achieve so much by encouraging children through art, fun & playing games. You may suffer with communications throughout life & career with men or authority figures, but rise above their insecurities & follow your own deep resolve!

You make a fantastic friend & all women will admire and adore your friendship.

I see an attraction for younger children such as early childhood education.

I suggest you allocate yourself several hours a week as YOU TIME to “hobby” on your graphic design passions as you have strong innate design qualities.

You could develop some of your ideas into design for children such as fashion or furniture or anything that is trendy for children OR any design with food in mind even if it’s redesigning or branding in connection to food such as labelling, marketing, packaging.

You also have great talent with languages even sign language. Personally I believe you have made a great choice although the first 8 months may be tiresome & tough… Hang in there.

There is pregnancy around you, either for yourself or a close friend or sister, you may have heard this news in August or news relating to pregnancy within 4 weeks. You are due to be given a couple of gifts, I see a small spiritual gift such as a candle or crystal or something with an Angel on it. Also someone is due to call on your home with a gift of wine for food for you. This will be great confirmation for you will know you are on the right track! Wishing you tremendous success!!!

Should I remain with my boyfriend of 6 years or has our relationship run its course? If so will he be ok?

— Non 13/01/1985

Dear Non,

I feel your relationship has become boring, boring, boring, plagued at the moment with communication problems & lack of intimacy, sorry to be so personal but there seems to be sexual problems at the moment as well? I feel the last 2 years haven’t been that great in your eyes.

You probably feel you are trapped in a dead end relationship & feel like you are living in a dream world as far this partnership is at the moment.

You will want to end this relationship & will almost break up but it won’t end & will continue in spite of everything.

Personally I like your partner’s energy & see that you might like to rethink things & realise all the qualities you found so enticing about him & your relationship so that you can just fall in love again!

I do see you hearing from a man connected to your past & this will be on the phone.

At the moment you may be feeling your man isn’t making any effort towards the relationship & you need excitement & love, attention & fun. I feel he has problems at work which are weighing heavy on him. I also see a romance with a man in a uniform or a professional connected with the law or medicine, if you can relate to this?

I see you not making any major changes over the next 4 months, so do spend time falling in love again. Remember men like to be told how you liked to be loved, so give him lots of praise when he makes you happy, or in black & white terms ASK him for what you need from him & how & in what direct ways you need to be shown affection & appreciation.

There is a lot of excitement coming up for you with sudden lucky news on the career front!

Best advice I get is stay put both in work & in love till after your next birthday!

Oh your man has a surprise for you connected with a partnership within 3 weeks!

You will have a very happy homefront with lots of surprises coming right to your front door!

Not sure what line of work you are in but I get lots of paper work mail letters & news even work connected with the press or publishing industry. I also see the purchase of a new red coloured car around you. Oh… right out of the blue your man is going to give you either a small gift of money or flowers so smile sweetly and say…”Thanks, it’s this type of this simple gesture from you that makes me so happy & what I would like each and every week from you!”

I’m an FTM transgender person & I need to raise 7k for chest surgery. How?

— Luke Black

Dear Luke,

I see you getting your wish but in fact all up you are going to need or will achieve 8 thousand dollars!

This operation & process will take over 4 months to complete, with many check ups, tests & or health-related problems on the horizon but all will END WELL!

I see a passionate business type of lady with one small child helping you with your dream; you will recognise her by the unique glasses she wears.

I feel the money is going to come by simply ASKING everyone you met & by you getting creative!

I see you approaching websites for sponsorship & even getting the medical professions & media on board such as a documentary covering the operation & getting it paid by another.

I also see you scribing a journal or book describing your journey. I feel you have a great sense of humour too! Perhaps this could generate an income to pay for your operations as well!

Good luck for your dream & get promoting yourself on the internet. If there is a site with strong following that has men throwing money at strangers on www.FreeBreastImplants.com, then I am sure you can find support & ideas to fuel your dreams…. Good luck!

I am about to set off for a year long adventure, going to Japan, Australia & America with a friend. What happens when I come back & what career path should I start out in?

— Zoe 17/5/1987

Dear Zoe,

Bon Voyage! You seem to have everything in place & are right; this is a great time for you to take this leap into the big wide world!

I feel if you are going to Australia you might also consider popping over & checking out fabulous New Zealand. You really won’t regret the chance, although I am biased as I live in the most beautiful country in the world!

I feel like you could be heading off in less than 3 weeks from today?

Take lots of deep breaths over the next 12 months as you are more than likely to be frustrated in your travels with transportations & with car problems. Not sure which countries will be most annoying as it seems more of an occurring theme!

You will learn patience & trusting in the divine plan of the universe during this time away.

This trip & travels will be awesome & a true eye opener giving you both experiences which provide tremendous fun, learning & a couple of “blessed” moments!

Personally I want to say, focus on your trip & not worry about what to do in the future so that you are able to live in the moment & enjoy the absolute bliss of that moment!

You will make two very important MALE contacts in your travels that will inspire your dedications or passions for a future career. In fact leaving behind one man you met might break your heart.

You will truly love Japan & feel a spiritual connection with the culture or high pace lifestyle & technology.

This journey will lead & show you the way to your future career passion. Ideas will will naturally unfold I believe just months into your travels, so relax enjoy & be open: you never know when lightening might strike!

I see legal work with lawyers as important. There could also be a position within a government department such as internal affairs or global connections such as marketing or public relations, tourism industries around you!

You have great talents for meeting people & communicating holistically with all walks of life so push that wonderful skill & try to absorb all culture & languages!

I feel there could be family connections or relations that are living in America that you can touch base with or associate with & this will be very beneficial not only during the holiday but way down the road! (I am seeing a vision of the docks of Manhattan as being important.)

Do some family tree researching before you head over to USA.

Just remember: enjoy your journey & focus on the here and now, simply… The rest of your life will unfold upon your return!

I’ve been dreaming of going to France as an exchange student for an academic year. Can it happen?

— Katelyn 27/10/1993

Dear Katelyn,

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I see three years as IMPORTANT, so either within 3 years or you will be lucky enough to score a 3 year exchange scholarship!

You have two men around you that are important with executing your dreams!

I see an application to a board or committee that you have to make in order to apply.

You will pass through with flying colours & make them proud with your passion to go & promote your local town & nation as well.

The more creative you can be with this application the better, so if you need to make the application in person, get dressed up in French colours etc., as you need to show the powers that be what this experience will mean to you at a heart level & also what you can offer back to France.

I see you will stay or board with a head master or someone high up in the school system.

Tell Dad not to panic or fear for you, he can come & visit or webcam weekly!

Best advice is working on your dream! Keep a journal by your bed & each night ask yourself “How can I succeed getting my application accepted for FRANCE?”

In the morning write down all that you remember of your dream as your subconscious mind is directing you.

If you have a male French language teacher ASK him for all his advice & take it!

I feel so confident for you & excited… So act now as if you are already in France living the dream! Enjoy sweet cherie!

I graduated with an MA in 2008, & then spent a great six months in New Zealand & now I’m back, living at home, I was wondering if Joycelle would be able to give me any insights about my general life direction.

— Kylie Jean

Dear Kylie Jean,

Many thanks for your great work here in New Zealand! I trust my country treated you well!

Firstly there will be love & romance with a nice gentleman in an army uniform. I feel he is high up in rank also & a good guy with a superb career prospects ahead for him. He could be an earth sign man or just older than you.

As for career, don’t sweat nor stress, you have made a great impression to your peers & employers with all tasks & jobs you have undertaken in the past.

Always be asking for what you need, so don’t be afraid to ask your past & present employers to recommend you if they know of a position that will be benefited by having YOU in service!

Within eight weeks & by the skin of your teeth a male will present you with a job opportunity. You will be overwhelmed with joy & jump at it with all guns blazing!

I do see you moving out of your township & moving into a larger city or the CAPITAL of your country for this job, although this job will involve lots of travel around & also across country. If it helps the job is NORTH from where you are living now.

You will work closely with 3 other males & they will appreciate your capabilities, alertness, studiousness & enterprising skills!

I keep seeing planning construction, developing & building also relating to real estate at a top level being important. You will take up more study over next 2 years to complete another qualification which will be backed & encouraged by your employer. Best of luck my dear!

I would like to know what you see in the future for us; because life has just been so crazy difficult lately & we are on the slow path to self-improvement?

— Natasja

Dear Natasja,

Hi, yes times have been very hard for you & Blake. Good on you for having the courage to walk through this tough time! I take my hat off to you both.

You have the wish card sitting right on top of you right NOW!

So put out for your personal wishes and desires to start happening.

I get some unexpected news coming with great success regarding tickets for a trip back home!

There is a strong childhood friend around you offering fun & friendship & a magical invitation coming which I suggest to leap at the chance.

I do get you need to hold your tongue over something & remember speech is silver but silence can be golden.

You also have great news coming in the mail connected with money & I see you jumping up and down over it! For some reason it’s been delayed or a struggle to get this money but alas it’s on its way & it has some deep importance with the past!

Your love life is going to have some more changes in store.

I see a lot of your vitality is consumed by your partner’s health & wellbeing, I also feel some issues over medication, either forgetting to take it or hassle with medication or could just be medication has been very very expensive for you both.

Frankly, I think you need some time out & fun and thankfully it’s on its way with a very special love invitation coming!

I feel you could well be packing bags this Xmas to come home to New Zealand & all if not most of the trip will be hassle free & paid for by another! Enjoy you have earned it!

I feel this relationship is getting more like best friend instead of lovers & soul partners at this time? There are some tough arguments also & insecurities abound!

At times you may wish to abandon this relationship but then the karmic pull is so strong it keeps you there loving & supporting your man!

I feel there has been a third party that you can’t seem to get out of your mind as well?

I feel you are due to receive some very good news which will get you back on track for yourself & start the ball rolling in your own life again.

There is a beautiful gift of gold coming which hangs such as a necklace or charm bracelet.

Finally I feel some news is coming where you will need to change residence; perhaps the landlord wants to sell? I see you working with real estate agents out looking at property. This feels within 6 to 8 weeks.

I am getting 8 years is important — either that is the age difference between you & your man or that could be how long you stay away from you place of birth?

I see news of a sudden wedding! I am not entirely sure if that is your own or a very close friend around you.

Don’t panic about finances as I get you robbing Peter to pay Paul in the last two years.

Connections with Brisbane will be important.

Watch your own energy levels as you could become very drained over the next 2 to 4 weeks

You will have 2 children around you within 5 years so enjoy!

I wish you both the blessings of health wealth & personal success along your new journeys.

You might like to take a look at my website under Aura-Soma® as this system helps support the dramatic changes & challenges you have been through & helps bring the soul back into life after such horrendous ordeals.

Lots of love & blessings!

Can you see us living together in the next 6, 12 or 18 months? Can you see us lasting the distance? Can we make it work long distance for a shorter time longer?

— Hilary 18/09/1989

Dear Hilary,

Your relationship is blessed with love!

There will be a new job opportunity around October for either you or your new man. You might like to watch your communications with your man when you see and talk with him, as you are stressed due to the distance & he is over-working & studying so hard there is pressure on both sides.

The relationship is based on love & I see a happy union & reunion in 3 weeks! Just watch your emotions as they get rather rocky during times of separation.

Yes, you will live together either in 10 months time or from as soon as October you are setting up a house so that he can come & go too!

Please be patient, he is under a lot of pressure to perform in his work & wants to excel beyond his & your expectations, so that his future is set up for the long haul for you BOTH!

Pass the time by looking after you & developing lots of new interests & hobbies.

This relationship has a lot of trust & you are both able to express the depth of your hearts when together!

I see you also furthering your own skills with study in the near future too! Although you won’t be so sure about two papers you choose to enrol in!

Best advice is to sleep on it & you will know what subject to flow upon waking.

Enjoy the time apart, you are supporting a fine man & his career will make you very proud in the near future!

Can you see me having surgery soon and how will it go? When do you think my soul mate is coming?

— Titch

Hi Titch,

Within 3 days of your email you will be talking with your specialist.

I see letters off to an authority to get approval. Please don’t be intimidated by health professionals, basically stand your ground & ask for what you want & you will get it — it might be at the eleventh hour though!

I see you in hospital having the surgery within 3 months, it going well & you being most satisfied with the results.

There is some new procedure or idea your specialist wants to try out on you with a follow up just before your next birthday.

I am getting Aries energy so this operation must be connected with the head & for glamour as you will be celebrating a new look!

The operation will in some way be connected to your past or where you have had a procedure before, near water as I see a short stay in a close town.

I see you needing to be there before 8am in the morning. I also see new glasses & an operation around the eye area.

I see a gift coming within the next 3 months from a family member. It’s something sweet, feels like a box of chocolates as a little token of thank you, & rather unexpected.

As for love life I see a NEW man that you will be meeting at a celebration; feels like before Xmas. Connections with male real estate agents will be important.

In fact I get a property being advertised & an offer coming within the month that you will be happy about. It may not be your private dwelling but a large parcel of land you are connected with.

Back to love… This new man could also be an Aries & works for himself connected with property, such as plans building development, & working with large estates & businesses.

This love/romance will take you by storm: you will be very surprised by a sudden unexpected KISS & declaration of love & affection!

This man has the shiniest of shoes & is rather a snappy dresser. He may have recently had some accident that changed the direction of his life. He seems to be out celebrating his divorce or finalising some deal at the same time as you when you meet.

I also see a new kitten, it feels like a tiny jet black sweetie that you will fall in love with & weaken to bring home.

There will be legal issues to sort out in the next 2 to 3 weeks which could truly irritate you. However, money is coming through lawyers & the finalising of legal papers.

You are also about to venture out on a major holiday travelling in 2010 with another couple.

Great news awaits you the week before Xmas!

I see you wanting to learn some new craft or hobby & will be surrounded by books & written material.

There is good luck for a female friend or younger female relative around a new white car!

As for the new you, just remember Hippocrates oath, never have an operation whilst the moon in that particular sign! So if it was on the head don’t have the operation whilst the new moon or especially full moon is in Aries! I see you out shopping getting ready for the new look!

Best of luck!

I’m beginning to feel like the last person in the world who doesn’t have a cool, supportive partner, or at least a date for Friday night!

— Mandy 01/07/1985

Dear Mandy,

You are surrounded by men & you feel like their big sister or gal pal?

The men love your company & many want more from you!

I feel there is going to be a blind date or introduction made via friend.

So start telling these friends to set you up with their best mate who would be worthy of you! Beware as one guy friend will feel insecure about losing your friendship!

You are fantastic at your job and well suited to it!

I see you will do some study in the near future, if only part-time & paid for by your employer.

You have great promotional ideas & business acumen so look for a paper or subject along business development lines, especially the legal side of things.

I also see the law or lawyers very prominent in your life.

I see a course or learning seminar connected with your work where you may find a new love interest approach you!

Start taking all invitations that come your way as your soul partner is searching for you too at this moment.

He will be younger than you — maybe just 3 years but it’s okay, will mean nothing to you both & helps as he is rather tall!

Now…. I am getting exciting news of a lucky windfall around you or a younger family relative.

I feel there is a close friend that is also doing study with counselling or psychology around you, she may also be single so a night on the town together is important.

Oh, when Mr. Man comes along… I feel within the next 7 months you will have found him & will be extremely happy together.

The relationship will start out rather slow so you might need to bring things into focus rather than him take the lead.

I feel for you as you weren’t meant to be alone & the last 6 years have been truly hard for you emotionally.

Just hang in a little longer, he is on his way! You will also know it’s him as he drives a blue vehicle! I am seeing light blue more than dark blue.

He is a rather shy man but very romantic so expect roses galore when his own heart opens up!

There must be a birthday party or huge social event coming up around one of your male friends. I feel you could meet him there, as you will be out partying & one of the gang flirting and having fun!

You must look good in red, do you wear a red hat & scarf in winter?

Good luck, I understand 6 years on your own can be hard & you start to wonder if God forgot to make your double so have faith. Mandy, I have been on my own for the last 22 years & know just how you feel!

Since I graduated, I’ve been depressed & I’ve had trouble shaking it. Should I pursue the life of an independent artist & create my own business path (scary), or should I enter the creative workforce & work my way up the corporate ladder (scary)?

Lastly, should I forget about winning the lottery?!

— Clare

Dear Clare,

Thanks for being so honest! I want to talk about your depression as it’s very real & life has been miserable for you for the last 3 years I believe.

Would you consider talking with a doctor as I feel you need help at this time!

Sometimes depression can be hereditary & I feel it comes along your mother’s side of the family.

Sometimes it hard to see the forest for the trees & being so creative you can get overwhelmed by trees and forget life is a forest so to speak.

This depression I feel is causing a huge slump in your life, & some days it’s hard to get out of bed & draw back the curtains.

I see you need to take small steps as decision-making has always been difficult for you, especially if left to your own devices.

It’s important you work in a close partnership or with another liked- minded creative & inspiring person in my opinion.

I see you working with another couple, a male & female team who have been in the industry for years. I feel you will learn so much from them if you have the patience & don’t become too arrogant or self indulged etc.

I want to say pace yourself as you seem to have burn-out every 6 months, & feel like throwing the baby out with the dish water.

I don’t see you starting your own business nor would I advise it for the next couple of years, as you need to establish a name for yourself & draw the people & skills into your life at this time.

I feel you are also great at interior & exterior design!

As for winning the lottery, never give up hope! Start each morning when dropping your feet to the ground by saying, “I am extremely lucky with money; I attract unexpected money wherever I turn.”

Once you have built up the energy believing winning is important, real & you deserve it, then start to acknowledge all the unexpected blessings that come your way!!!

I told my girlfriend on 26 November last year to go buy a ticket for the next night’s draw! I felt real strong we were going to win!

She won $83,000.00 & still didn’t believe me even when I read the numbers off the screen to her & she was reading the ticket in front of her!

Once we open ourselves up to everything in life we realise that everything is just energy & you become a magnet to what you want to attract, & will get the nudge or feel when the time is right to take the ticket etc.

In summary I see you working for someone else — you may need to travel some distance or make a shift across town. Then in 3 years you will be pursing your dreams as you will know exactly what they are & have the wisdom to flow with where you are being lead.

In the meantime allocate each Saturday morning to painting & working on your private art collections so that you have something to show along the track!

Never fear the future… You are a Libran & they are all destined to be rich & have money-making ideas at the drop of a hat!

Travel & following a spiritual path will be very important in your future.

Let me know how your depression goes as the colour yellow is brilliant for lifting one’s vibrational happiness. Check out my website under Aura-Soma & living jewels.

I would love some general direction concerning my life & career direction, as well as some insight on my love life, or lack thereof. Also, I have always struggled with my health — any advice?

— Conrad Ryan Bailey

Dear Conrad,

Whilst I see you have a huge change of fate & experiences starting over the next two months, I also see you have had about 6 years of health issues to deal with.

I see within the month some more medical tests, check ups & procedures in store. All will end well though!

I see you travelling to a new area (large hospital or very modern medical clinics) to meet with a new medical physician concerning your health issues. I also see a female specialist helping to diagnose a problem that has been worrying you for some time. In time you will switch doctors & this will be okay.

I feel you will leave the work you are doing at this moment as it’s not really you anyway, & you will have opportunities of study in the future which will inspire you to the core of your own power & passion.

I am picking up a small family business around you.

I don’t think you will be working full time as you health & well- being are going to be centre stage for next few months.

I do get you are extremely talented with technology & computers & will work on websites & programming in the future!

This work is very much self motivated & you can do on your own, however I see an older man will be instructing & tutoring you as well.

There will be a new love interest which is I believe is a past love interest coming back into your life — someone you knew or dated approximately two years ago or is 2 years older than you.

Watch out for a late night phone call from this admirer & enjoy the reunion.

You are about to hear news of a family member taking a trip across water on a fantastic holiday, feels like she is researching family trees & ancestors.

I feel you will be signing some legal papers in the very near future, this will be connected with wills, inheritances &/or shares & investments or just savings plans. It feels very official but very practical and simple.

I am seeing the banking industry here as very important to you & your future. You seem to have a good understanding with maths & numbers and can use this astute knowledge in your future.

Wishing you lots of luck good health, you might like to look at an Aura-Soma reading to get an understanding of your health issues & how to support yourself holistically.

I got married just a week after my 19th birthday – what should I do? I can’t lose my husband and the somewhat stable life we’ve created, but I also don’t want to spend my idealistic youth JUST slaving away at a career I’m not so in love with! I feel torn in two and really could use some directional advice!

— Dallas 12/7/1987

Your marriage is still sweet & fun. ENJOY!

I really like the energy I see around your husband; he truly loves you & will give you everything you want to see that you are happy.

Learn to trust & communicate your deep desires with your husband. He is very proud of whom you are & that you wish to achieve.

I don’t feel you have told him how disappointed & restless you are with your life. I feel you spend a lot of time lost, unmotivated even shopping & wasting money.

I feel you don’t need half the stuff you buy. It’s just filling a void or because of unhappiness.

Try to stop saying DEBT & focus on abundance! If all you think about is debt that is all you will ever have.

I feel your hubby is more positive than you know or give him credit for, & he wants to get the house paid off & be successful as well.

I feel you can really trust your man & if he saw a future with both your dreams & goals in place he would do everything to make it happen, even if it meant selling the house & living on faith in pursuit of happiness & accomplishing a dream!

I see you travelling the world & believe it or not with your husband too!

This may not happen till you hit 30 years of age but it will happen!

There is some unexpected luck or opportunity about to present itself which offers you a new career direction.

I feel you need to sit hubby down & play a game of Monopoly, then start telling him what truly sets your heart on fire & what dreams you hold for your future… Then LET HIM tell you his too!

I feel he would like more property or commercial land in the future.

He appears very good with his hands even mechanically minded as I see him fixing things.

You & your man will both be working on your goals & dreams for the future and it will inspire you to have more TRUST, you will both realise there is more to life & can achieve all your dreams when you both focus creativity in support & with passion & love together, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas dreams & wants with him!

Oh I do see a career with film, TV in the future & lots of learning information & documentaries so STOP spending, start visualising your dreams as a reality, for 6 years will fly & you will be walking the parks of LONDON!!!!!

There will be a gift of money that comes your way through family, feels like in-laws. I am seeing a cheque written out for $6,000.00 for something important.

Once the communication is out in the open & you have put your goals and dreams on PAPER with a commitment date, you will be surprised how your hubby wants more fun in life & not just a mundane lifestyle based on survival and security.

I see you spending more time at the local library, museum or science institutions researching what you want to create. This activity will start drawing many contacts into your life that will help you along this journey.

I also see a gift of money such as sponsorship for something you want to in future. It will take about 6 years to pull off but it will be well worth it.

I see an old woman around you that’s unwell although she may not tell you, so watch out for her & offer her your time & help even if it’s just hanging out her washing or cooking her a meal. She will be tremendously grateful.

OH….. Hubby thinks you will make a fabulous MUMMY!!!

Much love to you all, may the blessings of light be upon you… & may your God always go with you!



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