Don’t Let Mercury Retrograde Kick Your Ass!

Don't let Mercury retrograde kick your ass!

Few things throw the Universe out of whack like Mercury retrograde. I have written about it extensively, but on Monday, I felt the urge to make a video about how to survive Mercury retrograde with class and grace!

As you are probably aware, Mercury is retrograde from the period of May 19th to June 11th 2015.

I didn’t want you to suffer alone! So I changed into my sparkliest pink kaftan — it felt appropriate — and sat in front of my window to give you 10 tips to survive Mercury retrograde… As well as a couple of things to avoid during this tricky time!

Click play to watch! (If you’re viewing this via email, this is the direct video link.)



So when your friend grizzles this week about how their computer is frozen — but insists that astrology is a load of rubbish — be sure to send them this video!

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