DRESS! Gala For Her Birthday! WINNER!


Thank you so much for all the entries for the competition! With over 700 possible birthday outfits, you had me totally spoiled for choice! I was so pleasantly surprised by how well you all know my style! You made it REALLY REALLY hard for me to pick a winner… but somehow I managed!


I confess, it was the shoes that pushed me over the edge! Drool! So hey, Nookie! Please shoot me an email so I can send you your prize!

But there were so many brilliant outfits constructed that I wanted to share some of my other favourites with you! Here they are, in no particular order…

Thank you SO much to everyone for taking part, for taking such care & being so thoughtful. You also helped me come up with a bunch of ideas for birthday outfits! Yay! As always, I wish I could have given everyone a prize! You’re all wonderful. MWAH.