Dressing For A Wedding

I just want to gloat about my stylish readers for a second. This is all very shrouded in secrecy — they didn’t want me to give out any details about them. I guess in case they get mobbed in the street by hoards of eager fans!

Anyway, they make a great couple. This is how they were attired for a recent wedding. Mr. Mystery is wearing an unlined, one-button linen jacket with a white shirt & emerald green tie (he is also wearing pants). Ms. Mystery looks fabulous in a green dress with white-framed sunglasses & white faux-fur jacket. I LOVE the fact that their greens match.

Wedding attire
Photo by Homeperm.

Beautiful! Kudos! I’m convinced they outshone everyone else. They say a lot of the other guests were in black cocktail attire, which is really a bore. Weddings are a big deal & you should dress appropriately. I’m so proud of Mr. & Ms. Mystery! Yay!