Early Mornings In Alphabet City…

Overdressed for 8am? …Nah!

On Nubby’s last day in New York City, we took advantage of our “morning person” temperaments (!) & met with superstar photographer (& fellow Virgo), Lydia Hudgens, just before 8am.

After a quick coffee stop, we headed down a street in Alphabet City with an abundance of painted walls to take a few shots.

I truly think that if Nubby & I lived together, we would sit out on our stoop looking like this all day long. Though, of course, we’d have our MacBooks on our laps… !

Nubby wore…

Rick Owens jacket
Vintage Marimekko dress from Etsy
Forever 21 headband
Tights from H&M
Wedges by Camilla Skovgaard
Kate Spade newspaper clutch (borrowed from me)
Pop Nail Glam yellow nailpolish

I wore…

Vintage pink bowler hat
218W Perfecto leather jacket by Schott
Diamond necklace (a wedding gift from my mother — I haven’t taken it off since)
Angora heart sweater from ASOS
Betsey Johnson belt
Vintage pink crinoline (I also wore this under my wedding dress!)
Betsey Johnson over-the-knee socks
Matiko Ai For Ai boots (so comfortable, & I love the suede/patent leather/perforated leather combo!)

As you can tell from our stockinged feet, the temperatures have well & truly begun to drop in New York City. Everywhere you look, people have started to bust out the winter woolies… & yet, somehow, the leaves haven’t even started to turn!

I gave my wardrobe a MEGA clean-out yesterday — so satisfying — but it made me feel kinda sad to have to put away all my summer stuff, & break out the coats & cardigans. It seems like winter just ended, doesn’t it?!

…Oh, how I love a good frothy petticoat! The key is to buy vintage ones — new ones just aren’t the same!

I’m not totally sure what I was going for with this outfit. Some kind of Blossom goes biker chic while eating cotton candy hybrid… Whatever the case, it ended up looking 100% me!

We’re so O.G.!

This Schott leather jacket is one of my best purchases ever. I never wanted to spend a lot of money on a leather jacket, simply because they are so expensive, but I finally bit the bullet. My last one was an oldie that I bought off eBay, but it was so stiff & uncomfortable! This one — the 218W Perfecto — is perfect. The leather is buttery soft, & it’s so wonderful to wear. I bought it just before I went to New Zealand, & I wore it pretty much every day while I was there. LOVE! Now I know why Schott are so famous…

I actually walked Dolly in this outfit before Nubby & Lydia came over, & you could not imagine the number of comments I got about my outfit! My favourite: “That is the cutest outfit I’ve seen in like, 50 years.” (He couldn’t have been a day older than 35!)

It’s so strange to think back on taking these photos with Nubby in Las Vegas in 2008, & how much both of our lives have changed since then. We were so young… Now we’re both MARRIED with (hairy, four-legged) children! Never expected that… Isn’t it funny where life can take you?