En Route To San Francisco



Photos from my New York to San Francisco journey. There are lots of colourful walls in airports — did you ever notice?



I woke up at 5.45am, put on minimal make-up (powder, concealer & mascara) & took a car to the airport.

I am wearing…
Chloe 2145 sunglasses
Betsey Johnson gun tunic
Rugby Ralph Lauren black slim boyfriend jeans
Dr Marten Regina boots
Betsey Johnson watch
Our Darling Bloodmilk ring & crystal skull ring
Balenciaga Twiggy in Magenta (oh, lover!!!)
On my nails: Catch Me In Your Net by OPI

I wanted to wear something comfortable to fly, but also stuff that I could wear again during my trip. (This is something I mentioned in Love & Sequins #10: International Playgirls Unlimited! Always pack items which will serve double- or even triple-duty!) I also wanted to wear something which would be warm enough for when I arrived in S.F. It’s 86°F (30°C) in New York right now, but only 53°F (11°C) in San Francisco! MY LORD.


JFK It’s pretty entertaining taking photos in the airport. There’s nothing else to do so you might as well! I just walked around looking for things to prop my camera up on. I used my coffee cup as a makeshift tripod for some of the shots!

So I’m actually on the plane right now. We have a stop in Las Vegas before flying onward to San Francisco. There’s a bachelor party sitting ahead of me — oh, joy! Did you know I once flew from London to Melbourne with a drunk guy vomiting behind me the whole way? SAD TROMBONE!

My plan for the flight? Get a bunch of work done, deal with some email, eat a tuna snack (Virgin America has the best airline food — truly), & watch Australia’s Next Top Model. Holler!

I’m super-excited about getting to San Francisco, seeing my friends & then road-tripping to Los Angeles for fun girl times!


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