Even More International Dress Up Day Pictures!

More fabulous girls dressing as their childhood ambition! (Where are the men in this lot?!) But don’t they all look wonderful? I love Selchi’s response to her husband! Bethany’s pipe is superb (& a more mysterious photograph I have never seen). Nicola is the most blingin’ princess in the world & Niki pulls off her two parallel careers with style & finesse!


“YARRR, Me Hearties…well t’is here a fine tale… My pirate name was Mad Anne McKnuckles!! I wore striped stockings, an old frock-coat with brass buttons and always carried a rusty blade in one garter and a bottle o’ whiskey in t’other, just incase! My Parrot, Twinkles, could spot a ‘land-lubber’ a mile off and could sniff out gold Bootie at 100 paces!! I’d dish out curses like they were going out of fashion and would make many walk the plank… just to keep me crew entertained you understand? YAR, Life on the high-sea….Twas the life, it twas! PS. my husband thinks I’ve finally cracked!! (I’ll have his guts for garters..YAR!!)”



“For many years, I was absolutely certain that one day I would be a detective. Nevermind that my observation and deduction skills were so “great” that when my first grade school friend leaked information about my surprise party, I thought he must have been invited to a party for a different girl with my same name. That party was a blast; my mom was amazingly creative with an elaborate theme of “mystery,” and my dad performed magic tricks for me and all my friends to marvel at. Two years later, I had another detective-themed birthday party, complete with costumes. I adored Sherlock Holmes and Basil the Great Mouse Detective, but eventually realized that I my talents did not lie in their field. I still appreciate a good story of intrigue, though, and am in fact listening to a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery as I type this…. “



“I grow up in a town here in Ireland that has its very own castle, so naturally enough as a Kid I dreamed of being a princess. So to celebrate my dream I threw on my prom dress, got out a sparkly necklace and lay around like a damsel in distress. (Albeit a pretty freakin gangsta looking one at that!) Heehee Bow before HRH Princess Nicola!”



“I couldn’t remember for the life of me what my childhood ambition might’ve been but in the midst of cleaning out my closet, I found my diary from the first grade! I tried to take a picture of it for you and am attaching it. In it, I said that I would like to be a teacher or model. I’m not going down either of those exact paths but I think I would still love to either work with kids somehow or be involved in the fashion industry so I’m not that far off!”