Even More Pictures From International Dress Up Day #005!

More International Dress-Up Day photos! Remember that Thursday (today in Australia) is officially the last day for sending in pictures, so if you have photos languishing on your digital camera or sitting on your desktop which you haven’t emailed to me yet, then quick! Time is of zee essence! Ja!

Anyway, here are more beautiful ladies for your eyeballs! These photos come with some fantastic stories, it blows my mind. Thank you to everyone for sharing so far! I’m absolutely loving it.


“There’s a woman, about the age of my grandmother, whom I get to see once a year. She is about five feet tall and speaks with a beautiful Hispanic accent. She’s always wearing something wild- like white pants, a yellow shirt and a lime green blazer with a hot pink, butterfly print chiffon poncho over the top, a straw hat, and gold moccasin-style shoes. We attend the same week-long seminar in the summer, that’s how we met. A few days before the seminar, she’ll start calling friends to see if they can pick her up from a bus station and take her there – and she finds her ride home while she’s at the seminar, a day or two before she has to leave. She can create a masterpiece out of crayons and beige construction paper. She often leads a creative writing group, where she encourages people to write whatever they want and share it with the class. If you share, she’ll give you a print of one of her paintings. This woman has been in the Air Force, has been a missionary in Mexico, and everything in-between – and has a habit of leaving a trail of smiles wherever she goes. My alter-ego is her long-lost cousin, Daisy. Daisy loves anything bright-colored and sparkly. She has a funny story for every occasion and spends her time dancing to music nobody else can hear. She climbs trees and rolls down grassy hills and makes flower chains for all of her friends. Every night she has friends over for dinner, and they stay up late into the night talking and laughing and saving the world.”



“I dressed as my alter-ego of many names, a denizen of the internet. She’s a hyperactive geek-girl who makes best friends and mortal enemies in miliseconds, flits from one obsession to the next and chatters a constant stream of l33t and kitteh pidgin just below the speed of sound. She wears fairy wings, antennae to communicate with aliens, a shirt with a robot on it, and sunglasses to disguise her true identity.”



“e.s. : [the one on the left] My alter ego is Sora, the pretty little girl who wears dresses and yellow flats and delicate jewelry. She draws manga and has a loyal fanbase and lots of girlfriends. She’s got a good sense of humour and enjoys reading fantasy books in bed, strawberry lip gloss, Urban Outfitters, baking and decorating cakes, Asian dramas and movies, and tim tam slams with cold milk. She’s also quite good at pirating things off the net – she needs to be able to, in order to get Photoshop for her mangas and Asian dramas and comic books for her entertainment.

e.g. : [the one on the right] By day I’m a casual [tshirt, blazer, jeans. done.] & studious premed student, like ‘Sora’. By night, I basically become the evil twin. This evil twin adores fishnet stockings and trench coats of any kind, as well as boots, multiple belts, spiked watches, boy-wigs, and Vivienne Westwood jewelry. She’ll often dress up as a guy in one of her coats [and his name is Edward] under that identity, spray paint her infamous stencils all over the city. She’s an avid fan of Banksy. She, too, excels at pirating music & such, along with her twin. Some nights, as Edward, she’ll go out with her sister for coffee and amaze passersby at the sight of identical fraternal twins.”



“Meet ギルダ (read: gi-ru-da) who has been living in Tokyo for 4 years, and loves it so much, she doesn’t wanna go anywhere else. She passes her days making fantastic new clothes, and her nights drinking sake with friends and getting terribly high. Her weekends are spent prancing around the streets of Harajuku, spending loads of money in the backstreets, laughing madly with friends, and eating terribly sinful chocolate and peanut butter crepe. Ultimately, she’s a Harajuku Punk at heart. But shh, don’t tell anyone that she’s also in love with SMAP and is a secret teenybopper. She takes photos with a peace sign, and never leaves home without her lipgloss or her skeleton ring. There’s nothing more she loves than going to karaoke with her friends and singing herself hoarse till morning.”



“This is my evil twin. She smokes, sports real fur coats, wears blood diamond rings, buys Thai, carries all her animal-tested cosmetics in a crocodile-skin bag, and drive an old gaz-guzzling pink Cadillac. She’s a really bad person, but in a very stylish way!”