Expiration Dating

“I’ve recently met a German foreign exchange student, and we really connect. I like him, but I’m afraid of getting involved since he’s going back to Germany in June, which means I’ll probably never see him again. Help?”

I think a lot of us get locked up in that concept that if we experience true love, it will last forever, which isn’t necessarily true. We also often feel that the way our life has been up until this point is the way it will always be — which isn’t necessarily true either.

So, what could happen if you did get involved? You might be wildly incompatible. But you might fall in love. He could drive you crazy, but he could also open your mind to a whole new way of living that you’d never even considered before. He might ignite within you a love of German culture, which then leads your life in an entirely different direction. Through him you might discover the most inspiring, ideal mentor. He might teach you what real, unconditional love is all about. You could be so perfect together that you end up getting married one day. You could go to Germany on an exchange yourself — you might even end up living there. It’s possible that you could learn more from loving him for a short time than you would if there was no expiry date. The relationship could change you in fabulous, untold ways.

One of the great things about relationships is that they present us with a fabulous opportunity to grow beyond ourselves, often in a way that wouldn’t be triggered if we were just coasting along alone. By connecting honestly with a person, & getting to know them, their circumstances, family & friends, we can learn so much about the world — & consequently, about who we are & who we want to be. It’s one of the best catalysts for change that I know.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, & we can learn something from all of them if we’re open to it. What is your fine German friend here to teach you? Only time will tell.

What I’m really saying is that when it comes to love, no matter how scary it may seem, it’s always worth taking the risk. Avoid a future of “What if?”. Take the risk & see if you can…

Love him

How about you? Do you think a relationship’s only worth it if you can see a definite future, or do you just allow yourself to fall in love without thinking of likely consequences? Have you ever taken a gamble on love that turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of your life? What would you do in this situation?