Eye Make-Up Questions!

Make-up is fun

I recently received this email…

“Currently, I use a black pencil eyeliner on my bottom lash, and use mascara. I’d like to create a smoky effect but I don’t want to buy heaps. Is there some sort of special brush I can use to smudge it in?

Ever since going to my friend’s house and we had a makeover, my friend did my make-up and she made me look like a clown. Ever since I’ve been worried about trying new make-up but I guess I should move on, because I like to try new things. I have blue eyes, and colours like green eye shadow are meant to suit me. I’ve tried green but it looks awful. I’d like to wear eye shadow because I’d like to buy all the colours and experiment in the mornings. I’d like to try pink, but do you think it would look wrong?

Also, I’ve read in some fashion magazines about glittery eyeliners. I went into Boots today and saw a very nice glittery pink eyeliner. But surely just wearing that, it won’t be noticeable? Is there anything you’re meant to wear with it as well?”

When I do a smoky eye, I use a teeny little brush to blend my kohl eyeliner pencil. I can’t find my brush online, but I think it’s worth your time to get your hands on the MAC Cosmetics 211 Fine Point Pencil Brush. It should do the trick. Just smudge smudge smudge. Also, when I do a smoky eye, I usually use a dark brown instead of black. (I like Teddy by MAC.) It’s not as harsh as black & I think it’s actually better at bringing out the subtle tones in blue or green eyes.

I have blue eyes too, as you may have noticed, & I use green eye shadow quite regularly. The one thing you need to be aware is that not all greens will suit you — just as not all purples, pinks, reds or blues will suit you. I can wear some shades of yellow, for example, but mustard yellow is a major no-no. If you have no idea what colours suit you, read Fashion Help For Recovering Goths. Then get your booty to a make-up counter where a trained professional can help you. Tell someone that you’d like to be able to wear green, but you’re not sure which shades suit you. They will show you an array of colours & help you find one that works with your eyes.

I regularly use eye shadows in various shades of pink. Again, it’s all about knowing which tones work with your skin & your eyes. I love deep pink as well as raspberry, but frosted baby pink makes me look like I’m Dynasty. Go to a make-up counter, have a play, ask some questions.

It’s hard to say what the glittery pink eyeliner will look like on you without seeing it. Is it a liquid, a pencil, a loose dust? Some glittery pink eyeliner is fine & light, whereas some is thick & vibrant. The way it looks will also depend on whether you are from Sudan or Sweden! I advise trying it on your skin before you buy it. If you’re applying something with a powder base to your face, a bit of water can help bind it to the skin, whereas if you’re using a kohl eyeliner, using some concealer & a neutral base eye shadow underneath will allow the eyeliner to make much more impact.

If you want to learn about make-up, my best advice is this:

Buy a set of brushes. MAC Cosmetics do starter sets of them every Christmas, & they are absolutely worth the money.
Make friends with the girls at your favourite make-up counter.
Ask questions.
Read about it. Kevyn Aucoin’s books (Face Forward & Making Faces) are like bibles — worship them!
Take a short make-up course if you can, or attend the classes held by make-up companies.
Play, play, play.

Really, you are going to learn the most from standing in the front of the mirror & making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try new things — even the most theoretically incorrect technique can yield great results, & of course, wearing anything with a bit of confidence & sass goes a long way.