Fashion Report: Summer/Autumn 2007

Stop the presses! My personal fashion report leading through to the middle of the year.

I call this the “cyborg coquette”, combining the best elements of the 40’s, 60’s & the future. Glamour is important & grooming is a top priority. Work from a good base of neutrals (black, white, cream, camel, khaki, olive, beige) & supplement with bright slicks of cobalt blue, shocking pink, fire-engine red, vibrant turquoise, electric green, bright yellow.

Go for super-short dresses with a mod edge, worn with huge shoes — now is the time to learn to walk in them. Interesting stockings with a lot of texture & colour. Well-tailored pants with a wide leg should be worn with devastating heels or boots. Hunt out knitwear with avant-garde, surprising details & unusual lengths.

Hair is sleek & futuristic with an eccentric twist. Eyebrow-skimming, perfectly flat bangs are The Thing. (Invest in a ceramic hair straightener.) You will require a shiny (but small) clutch to hold sunglasses, cigarettes, cellphone, Moleskine & hipflask for short walks to the library — but for social occasions, a big bag is essential. Slung over a shoulder, it will add a casual air to a more formal outfit, helping prevent it from looking too perfect. For a more dressed-down version of this look, go harajuku/cyber: pair with funky stockings, legwarmers, brightly coloured beanies & knit-caps. On sore-feet days, wear flat but simple boots.

“Is this testing whether I’m a replicant, or a lesbian, Mr Deckard?”

MORE: Pearls worn with a super-modern ensemble, like a space-age Coco Chanel. Mirrored sunglasses (to maintain the mystery) removed to reveal a coy beauty-spot & doll-like blush. Shiny accessories: cuffs & collars in patent, mirror & plastic. Luminescent skin helps cultivate that I’m-not-entirely-human-yet look. Pouty lips in sugared pink or red are essential. Curl, colour & learn to look up through your eyelashes for optimal Humbert-snaring. Cultivate a fake accent for the season & bluntly admit to its inauthenticity. Insane accessories — make it fun by buying things with flashing lights from toy stores, anything with a child’s rocket motif, wear this hoodie.