Fragrance Frenzy

I am a bit of a perfume fiend. I have many, many bottles in my possession. But that’s the thing with perfume — it’s never quite enough. You always want something else, something new.

I recently stumbled across this website called Lucky Scent, which appears to be an online retailer of uncommon fragrances. I must admit that I have never even heard of most of what they peddle. However, in a stroke of absolute genius, it turns out that you can buy sample sizes of almost ALL of the perfumes for a pittance (usually about $3). I am so excited!

Here are some of my picks. As you can tell, I like anything which smells like food…

Luctor et Emergo — Eau de Parfum by People of the Labyrinths

Luctor et Emergo

“Topping the list of’s #1 cult fragrances, this complex and haunting perfume goes far beyond the expectations of those lucky enough to try it. Startlingly unique and presented in laboratory flask-shaped bottle, red velveteen box and hand-dyed silk scarf, Luctor et Emergo is like nothing you’ve ever smelled before. A blend of sweet and resinous incense, soft vanilla, woods and a whiff of transparent cherry in the beginning, we also smell almonds in the mix, creating a delicious mixture of cherried marzipan offset by very dry wood and otherworldly incense that lasts for hours.”

Burnt Sugar by Comme des Garcons

“A sweet little-girl-all-grown-up scent that will make you think of your favorite pink robe and fuzzy slippers. Warm, utterly soft and creamy, Burnt Sugar is a fluffy fragrance ruled by vanilla and the underlying scent of sweetened condensed milk. In an interesting twist, it has a healthy dose of spice and heady florals that give it just a touch of sophistication (and keeps this out of the uber-sweet candy realm). Comfy, squishy and unabashedly frou-frou, Burnt Sugar is a trip straight to the fabulous land of pink and white feathered boas.”

Sticky Cake by Commes des Garcons

Sticky Cake

“Soft, sweet brown sugar, nuts and honey…need we say more? Sticky Cake is surprisingly light…don’t think big brown fruitcake of doom–think delicate European almond pastry. A delicious and golden treat for the senses, Sticky Cake opens with a sweet mélange of nutty, sugary sweetness, and quickly evolves to incorporate iris! This unusual gourmand-meets-floral is one of those delectable combinations that always keep your nose guessing…its many turns and twists are an wild rollercoaster ride straight through a pastry shop and ending in a field of wild irises. Exciting and delicious.”

Vanilla Champagne by Susanne Lang

“Celebrate with chocolate, roses, champagne and the sweet smell of love… bottled! The Vanilla Champagne Eau de Parfum Set captures the scent of all things romantic: A 30ml Spray combines the delicious scent of sparkling champagne with the essence of dark chocolate and sweet vanilla bean, two scents long considered aphrodisiacs.”

Peppermint by Comme des Garcons

“Brisk. Eye opening. The big burst of icy peppermint is joined by the far more subtle and green-smelling curly mint (from the spearmint family), with the bay rose making its entrance in the middle. The far drydown is green and leafy. Peppermint is a playful, cool scent that could invigorate an entire leather-clad Roman legion after a long march through the desert. We want to shower ourselves in this morning, noon and night!”

Serendipitous by Serendipity 3


“Scrumptious, luscious, irresistible – it’s chocolate! As comforting as cocoa, as tempting as a Grand Marnier truffle, as decadent as hot fudge by the spoonful. So gloriously authentic that you can almost hear the Oompa Loompas singing. A lovely, straightforward, wearable chocolate, with a warmth and richness that melts into your skin and a hint of caramelized sugar. Sophisticated enough to satisfy our grown-up side, delicious enough to bring out our inner Veruca Salt. We want Serendipitous and we want it now!”

At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume

“At The Beach is the exact recreation of a hot summer’s day spent lying in the sun and the scent of Coppertone, the sand and the surf filling your nose. For perfumer Christopher Brosius, this was a trip back to his summers on the North Atlantic (which we think must smell just like the Pacific.) An absolutely brilliant and faithful interpretation of classic Coppertone meets beach, there is no other perfume we’ve ever smelled that manages to capture a specific moment—long-ago summers on the beaches of America—as this one does. Even if you were landlocked and a pool was your beach, if you loved the smell of classic Coppertone tanning lotion, your jaw will hit the floor when you try this.”

Oh, & if you just CAN’T decide which fragrance to pick, they’ve even provided a guide by horoscope… !