Free Shipping At We Love Colors!

We Love Colors!

We Love Colors are sponsoring iCiNG at the moment, can we get a round of applause please?! In addition to decking me out in all manner of fine legwear, they’re also offering free shipping on any order in the U.S.! It would be unfair not to let you know…

We Love Colors!

A splash on colour on your gams is the perfect way to spice up a dreary winter day. Knee-high socks in bright colours paired with heels are one of my favourite things, they make any outfit 100% fabulous (comme Γ§a!), & I simply cannot resist a pair of fishnets in candy colours.

We Love Colors!

I really love We Love Colors. The customer service is amazing, their parcels arrive like magic & the pricing is super-reasonable. $9 for a pair of pastel mint, amethyst or orchid pink fishnets is totally unbeatable in my opinion!

(Pictured: opaque knee highs in fuchsia, fishnets in lavender & diamondnet fishnets in royal!)

We Love Colors!

You can take advantage of their free shipping offer by entering gala at checkout!

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P.S. As well as socks, leggings, stockings, leotards & mini-dresses, We Love Colors also has an incredible plus-sized range which will fit voluptuous ladies up to 375lb! YAY!


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