Frisky-Wear For Fashion Enthusiasts

Who says leather, PVC & latex should be relegated to the bedroom? Whilst normally the domain of hairy men in thongs or goth culture (are the two things really that different?), there are definitely some great things, especially in the accessory department, that can be incorporated into your wardrobe for some unusual flair.

Blue choker from Shrinkle
Shrinkle: Turquoise choker

Pink rhinestone cuff from Shrinkle
Shrinkle: Hot pink rhinestone cuff

Neon green choker from Shrinkle
Shrinkle: Neon green rhinestone choker
Man, Shrinkle always has great things. Best of all, she also seems like the sort of girl who would be a LOT of fun to hang out with. Girls like that need all the support we can give them!

Fingertip gloves from Patricia Field
Patricia Field: Leather fingertip gloves. They’ve been seen on Paris Hilton but don’t let that put you off. I’m itching to buy a pair for when winter rolls around.

Not Tonight sleep mask by Patricia Field
Patricia Field: “Not Tonight” eye-mask. Okay, not so kinky, but great nonetheless. One of my personal style missions is to bring eye-masks into my everyday wear. They look so good pulled up on your crown, amidst a nest of bed-hair. I need more! Sigh.

Pink heart cuffs
Spartacus: Pink Heart Wrist Restraints (with white faux fur!). This is the item that started this article. I absolutely love these.

Pink leather blindfold
Spartacus: Pink Leather Blindfold. Okay, so the model is a little scary, but a pink leather blindfold with a heart on it! This one is definitely too fabulous to only wear at sexy-time.

Agent Provocateur gloves
Agent Provocateur: Black leather gloves with pink bows. Purring noises. God these are gorgeous.

Agent Provocateur choker
Agent Provocateur: Leather choker with padlock fastening (in pink or black!). I like this as well, but it’s a little too understated for me. I prefer Shrinkle’s neon rhinestone ones. Does that make me tacky?

Gallery Serpentine Polka-Dot Waspie
Gallery Serpentine: Polka-Dot Buckled Waspie. Sorry the picture’s so small. This would be great to dress up an all-black or white outfit, or to add some texture when worn with blacks & greys. Yum.

This article was brought to you by the letters P, V & C, & inspired by Miss Susie Bubble’s experiments with latex.