Fun Accessories

Sometimes all you need to take an outfit from drab to fab — or as I like to say, “From ‘up the creek’ to magnifique!” — is the addition of a couple of well-chosen accessories. Anyone can wear a white shirt, but what about a white shirt with a huge necklace made from doll heads? Thankfully, we’re not just restricted to what we can find in the mall any more. The internet is the best ever place to source weird & decadent accessories, from octopus tentacles in jars worn as necklaces to a hat befitting of a sea nymph!

Here are some of the coolest things I’ve found recently!

Yay, accessories!

From top to bottom…

These Baby Holga cameras come in 8 colours (pink, blue, yellow, grey, red, green, purple & white) & are tiny enough to sling around your neck. I love that you can coordinate them with your outfits as well as using them to capture moments & take sneaky spy shots! They are so cute & super-cool. I want one a lot, especially after seeing this gallery! (Super-sleuth hint: they sell for practically nothing [$12!] on Ebay.)

Stephanie Simek’s eyelash necklace is so delightfully weird that I couldn’t leave it out! She describes them as “doing your dreaming for you”, which is too cute. There are a few different variations — some have a pair of lashes, while others drip pearls. They are top notch quality, too — the lashes are 100% human hair set with sterling silver. They look beautiful on, as Kris Atomic so fabulously demonstrates! At a mere $30, you’d be maaaad not to buy one!

When I first saw these Druzy rings I almost fell over. They’re just incredible. They are rings carved straight from the inside of a huge geode (those big rocks full of crystals) — so they are totally unique & individual. Each one is a different size, shape or colour. They come in hot pink, vibrant violet & Moroccan blue (among other colours) so you’re sure to be able to find one in your favourite hue. Talk about a show-stopper. How could you NOT comment on this if you saw it on someone’s finger? Apparently they are quite light to wear, too. I think I’m having palpitations!

Sometimes I compile lists in my head of what an “adult” does or has, & ponder, ‘When do you know that you are actually an adult?’ It’s quite a funny thing to discuss with people because we all have very different ideas of what it means. Anyway, I have always maintained that an “adult” owns a watch. When I was a child, I admit to being a bit Jessica Wakefield on it — you know, she was the twin from Sweet Valley High who never wore a watch because she was wild & carefree & I thought, ‘I want to be like that!’. I have since come to terms with the fact that I am basically a huge nerd who likes to be organised, hence, I am on the hunt for a sexy watch. This isn’t quite my dream watch, but the Nooka Zirc White is certainly a stylish wee thing, & far too lovely not to mention.

Gloves are in (I would say “Hooray!” but honestly, when are they ever not in during winter?) & mercifully, many glove manufacturers are cottoning on to the fact that consumers want more choice when it comes to keeping their fingers toasty. Ruching & buttons & shocking colours are all over the place, & it is fabulous. I am a huge fan of these Ashley gloves by Molly N, a New Zealand company. They are so very White Rabbit. Pair with a fob watch & waistcoat for maximum effect.

Suburbs getting you down? Tired of the constant drone of lawn-mowers & menopausal women hooning around in SUVs? Ahhh, what you need is a trip to gay Paree! In the mind, anyway. After you’re done watching Une Femme Est Une Femme for the millionth time, & you’re suffering from major cheese-induced fatigue, sling this Paris tote over your shoulder & bring a bit of culture to your neighbourhood.

A bit o’ bling never goes amiss, especially when it only costs a measly $18 for 6 giant rings! If you’re planning on meeting Victoria Beckham in the near future & you’d like to wear something that makes her cry, “THAT IS MAJOR!”, these jumbo cocktail rings from Fred Flare are it. Go forth & sparkle!

I have to tell you a secret — the Mixed Tape Transformer necklace & the AI necklace are both from one of my favourite treasure purveyors on the whole internet, Tokyomade. So I am a little bit biased but the best thing is that these necklaces both come apart for superb fiddling & mucking about opportunities! The transformer necklace actually turns back into an innocent-looking cassette tape, while the AI necklace breaks down into a series of sexy mechanical-looking pieces. Love it. No more grappling awkwardly with your phone while you wait around in public — now you can just hang out with the art around your neck & be perfectly content!