Gala’s Arm

Fun with ink. Pictures from yesterday, as promised!

The backstory: I got a half-sleeve with siamese twins & candy done in New Zealand a few years ago. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with it at the time, & when a couple of years later Tim Kern did my other half-sleeve, I realised the massive discrepancy in quality between the two. Since I got to NYC he & I have been talking about fixing up the twins & making the whole thing look better. Yesterday was the day we started.

Tattoo fun

Gilda came by when we were almost done for the day, dazzled us with her sequinned harem pants & cute sailor hat, & took these photos for me!

Tattoo fun

How my arm looked, six & a half hours later. I am still really swollen (as you can see from the pictures). We really only had time to re-work the girls — when I come back to NYC, we’ll do the rest of it (brighten the colours, give it some depth, make the candy bigger & better). Can’t wait!

I was so happy that Tim was able to fix the eye of the twin on the front, because I was always unhappy with it & thought it would look terrible for the rest of my life! GLEE!

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure! This was pretty much the extent of my day — sitting around, talking about music & taking breaks to eat Tings & drink strawberry Kombucha!

Thanks to Gilda for her marrrrvellous camera work!