Gala’s Birthday Wishlist!

This is the birthday wishlist I would give to my boyfriend… if my boyfriend was the Sultan of Brunei! Here we go!

Gala's Birthday Wishlist!

Lots of candles on a cupcake; bountiful photographs taken; macarons in a rainbow of colours (from Laduree); a bunny; a dress from Betsey Johnson; a wigpee!; a 33mm Dior Christal watch; a victorian gothic lolita mini skirt; Alexander McQueen lace-up boots; Temperley London mini kaleidoscope dress; pearl restraints from Kiki De Montparnasse; Rupert Sanderson Kit Kat boots; restraint tape (also from Kiki De Montparnasse); Femme Sud Honorable Mention wristlet; French lesson panty set (Kiki again); CHAPTER Candy Pop ring from Tokyomade; & an Agent Provocateur garter!

Other things which would be nice: a Swarovski crystal eyepatch from Gasoline Glamour; a rhinestone bra (shimmering ta-tas, ahoy!); the teach me a lesson ruler from Coco De Mer; a night in with fairy lights & kisses; lots of cute colourful knickers; Regan from MAC Flatiron to be my personal make-up artist; good black ink pens; a beautiful apartment in the West Village; a fabulous birthday party with my friends; peace on earth! Wink wink.

What do you want for your birthday?

P.S. Here’s my wishlist from last year!