Gala’s Top 5 Beauty Tips

I am always fascinated when I hear other people’s secret beauty tips, & I thought you might be in the same boat! So, here are some of my beauty tricks, & I’d love it if you spilled the beans on what keeps you looking (& feeling) amazing too!

Olive oil & sugar
I like to combine these & use it as a face scrub. I just mix them together in a little saucer & then rub it onto my face. The sugar helps slough dead skin cells (you can use salt but it’s a bit rough) & the olive oil is beautifully moisturising. It’s an especially great treatment for rejuvenating your sad winter skin! You can use it as a lip scrub too, it’s very effective.

Baby wipes
I always use these to remove my eye makeup. They are about a tenth of the price of ‘cosmetic’ makeup removal wipes, & do a better job. (I find that they usually sting or dry my face out.) Go for the type with vitamin e & aloe vera, they are fantastic! It’s so much easier to use one of those to remove your makeup at the end of a long night than going through your cleanser routine! Baby wipes + moisturiser will do the trick just fine.

Talcum powder
Use it in your hair on days when you’re feeling a bit greasy or lank. It adds volume & absorbs excess oil! I pour it into my hands & then dust it all over. I always emerge from a bit of a cloud but it is brilliant. I use Lush’s Candy Fluff which smells like… you guessed it… candy. (It also has sparkles in it, which suits me down to the ground.) But remember to dust your hair BEFORE you get dressed!

ALWAYS use a primer under your makeup! It smooths your skin, meaning your makeup glides on flawlessly & will look magnificent. MAC Cosmetics makes an SPF primer but it’s not available in Australia — how silly is that? We have no ozone layer! — so I buy mine on Ebay. I love not having to apply sunscreen over or under my makeup.

Apple cider vinegar
This is my best tip. I keep a big bottle of this in my medicine cabinet & drink a tablespoon a day (when I remember!). It is an amazing natural remedy for clearing your body of toxins & this really shows up in your skin. You can also apply it topically by pouring it onto a little cotton pad & patting it on any spots etc. It makes you smell kind of like a salad but it is really an incredible fix! (More info here & here!)

Okay, now it’s your turn!