Get Up, Get Out, And Do Good. Introducing #megababemission!

We start the new year with a sense of renewed hope. This will be the year, we tell ourselves. The year I change it all! But it’s easy to lose that sense of optimism, that lust for adventure and wonder. To get bogged down in your 9-5. To spend too many nights in front of the TV. To get mired in your routine.

Now, work and television and routine can all be fantastic. But if you’re anything like me — and if you’re reading this, I know we are already way more alike than you think — you know that life could be so much more fun. Supersonic, even.

That’s why I’m introducing a monthly Mega Babe Mission!

It’s part adventure prompt, part radical self love exercise, and I’ll be assigning one every month for the entirety of 2015!


Last year, I was bowled over by the response to #radicalselflovejuly and #lovetober. As well as connecting us all together in a whole new way, it was a great way to get us all out of our respective comfort zones. It gave us a purpose, a mission, a reason to leave the comfort of our couches and go out into the world.

The goal of the #megababemission is to get you up and out, and doing something good. Take a photo — or have a friend take a photo — of you doing it. Hopefully, in addition to making you happy, it will inspire others to do the same!

So, without further ado… Here is your #megababemission for January!


Hint: the notes could be postcards, emails, or even text messages. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you get it done!

You can start whenever — right now if it feels good! Save the image above and post it to your Instagram account if you want to spread the word. Then, connect with everyone else and show us what your #megababemission experience looked like by using the hashtag on Instagram! Tell us what transpires. How does it make you feel? How does it change things?

I’m so excited, and I’d love to hear your ideas for our next eleven (!!!) missions! Share them with me here!

I love you,