Get Your Radical Self Love On In NYC!

There are a couple of seats left in October’s Radical Self Love Salon! We’re meeting up this Sunday the 19th at 1pm, and our session will go until around 4pm. So, what can you expect?

We’ll talk about what radical self love means to you personally, and come up with ways to show yourself more love, appreciation, and forgiveness every day. We’ll be discussing the stuff that’s going on in your life right now, and create real solutions that you can actually use. We’ll talk about what we want to release, and what we want to bring into our lives… And we’ll do some magic to help it along. Plus, rose petals!

You will definitely laugh, and you might just cry. You’ll leave feeling more like yourself than you have in a long time. And best of all, you’ll meet some incredible women who have your back 100%. The feeling of love and support at these Salons is out of this world — you have to experience it to believe it!

Tickets are $199. This will be my last Radical Self Love Salon of the year, and I’d love to see you there.

“I always leave your events leaving refreshed and inspired, and this was absolutely no different — when I walked out of that door, I felt like I could conquer all the obstacles that had felt so insurmountable before. Perfectionism, self-deprecation, comparison, all the icky feelings that keep me down seemed to melt away. Whether it was a wave of the rose quartz wand, the energy grounding, or just the fabulous energy of the ladies in that room, who knows? But it truly was magic!” — Luna

“Gala’s Radical Self Love Salon was life altering. Expect huge mind shifts, camaraderie, inspiration plus lots of practical techniques to incorporate more self love into your life. This is an area that every single woman can afford to improve upon. I left feeling totally relieved of my burdens, injected with love and with an arsenal of exciting techniques to love myself more. Plus, Gala is an absolute delight to be around! Definitely jump on this opportunity to learn how to love yourself more.” — Rachel


Radical Self Love 101 is a four-week in-person workshop in NYC. We’ll be meeting every Tuesday (October 28th, November 4th, November 11th, November 18th) in Manhattan, starting at 7pm. If you’ve been to a Radical Self Love Salon, this is similar, except it happens every week, giving us the chance to go deeper and get closer.

As I was walking home from my last Salon, it dawned on me: we should do this every week for a month. I wanted us to have more time to connect, to discuss what we’re going through, to get support from one another. I wanted us to help each other with our goals, to make magic, and teach each other amazing things. There is such a big space in my life for that, and I think there is space in yours too.

There are only 4 spaces left, and the other women in the group are wonderful. You’ll be so glad you met them! This is going to be a fantastic introduction to winter: we’ll be making each other smile and laugh, and motivating one another to make our lives super-magical.

101 is $350 for 4 weeks. Reserve your seat here. If you have any questions, email me — I’m always happy to help!


With love,

Title photo by Emily Faulstich.