Getting Excited For Fall… With The Help Of A Few Lovely Things!

Summer is on its way out, or so we’ve been told. (Although it’s hotter today than it has been in weeks.) Everyone in the city is checking off the last of their summer plans, and cooler mornings are not too far away. It’s great to have a change, but it can make us nervous, too. Without perpetual sunshine on the agenda, what is there to look forward to?

Don’t worry… I have a few ideas!


Stop the presses: I just found the jacket of my dreams. I mean, a buttery soft PINK leather motorcycle jacket? Get outta here! When I spotted this on the Ted Baker site, I completely freaked out. Do you know how hard it is to find a pink leather motorcycle jacket? VERY!

Now, of course, I’m aching for it to cool down so I can start wearing it. I’m going to team it with grey Madewell skinny jeans and my new favourite boots; a black a-line midi skirt and heels. I’m going to throw it over sombre black dresses, and wear it over the top of my workout clothes when I walk to and from the gym.

There are only a couple of good months in NYC where you can realistically wear a motorcycle jacket: beyond that, it is either piping hot, or freezing cold. So you better believe I am going to get my wear out of this baby!


Truly, autumn isn’t autumn without a great pair of boots in your arsenal. For example, the Miista Ashlee (above), is a gorgeous ankle boot. On Saturday, I wore them with the aforementioned grey Madewell jeans, and it looked suh-lammin’!

I also scored the Yolanda, also by Miista, and they’re just so cool, with a serious platform, and understated styling. They’re a perfect pull-on-and-go boot, and add a little badass to any outfit. (Here they are in suede/patent leather.)


Dress by Ted Baker.

I mentioned this briefly last week, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get. (And in case you’re wondering, they did not pay me to talk about it or anything. I discovered it ages ago and am only now getting around to actually using it!)

Stylebook is an app that allows you to take photos of your clothing, and then mix-and-match and piece them together to create outfits. It’s like Polyvore, except with stuff you actually own. Pretty excellent. The most helpful thing for me is that I can actually SEE what I own. The app is really versatile, too, and can even calculate the cost per wear of an item if you want to get super-detailed!

I have been going through my closet with a fine-tooth comb and selling all the stuff that I am sick of, that doesn’t suit me anymore, that doesn’t fit, or is just not right in some way. It feels SO good to trim the fat, and it also makes photographing each item of my closet much more manageable. I am obsessed with this app. That is all.


When I think of autumn, I inevitably start imagining blazers, kilts, scarves, and glasses. Maybe it’s that whole back-to-school vibe, and maybe I just spent too much time in uniform, but whatever the case, I adore glasses. I wear contact lenses a lot (primarily because working out in glasses is a pain in the ass), but when I’m home, you’ll find me schlepping around in specs.

Over the last few months, I tried on a few cute pairs, but balked at the price. $300 for frames alone was just silly, and not in the budget. So I got my sleuth on, and searched eBay for the model number of the frames I liked most.

JACKPOT! I scored two pairs of great glasses — Dolce & Gabba and Miu Miu — for about $100 apiece. Then I went to Chinatown and had lenses put in for $50! Now that’s a deal. And that’s my secret to buying sickĀ glasses onĀ a budget.


Watching the seasons change is so exciting. What are you most looking forward to? New clothes are, of course, definitely doing it for me, but I’m also excited about seeing the foliage change, drinking mugs of hot chocolate, halloween decorations, finishing up some big projects, and hunkering down with my love and our dogs.

Autumnal dreams,