On Getting Older… And Having An Orgasm A Day

“Loving yourself… It really does take a daily practice.” — RuPaul

The amount of women I’ve met who are barely living devastates and enrages me in equal turn. Maybe you’ve met these women too, and feel equally frustrated. Or maybe you are one of these women.

You know the type. Absolutely brilliant… But doesn’t realise it. Gorgeous beyond measure… But can’t see it. Interesting and different… But afraid to show it. Could have the world in the palm of her hand… But is too scared.

One of the wonderful — and terrible — things about getting older is that you start to see yourself as you really are. Not who your parents told you you are, not what your partner reflects, not who your friends introduce you as… But who you ACTUALLY are. Like… The divine fucking badass goddess you are. This is not an exaggeration. The power you have in your hips… Baby! It could topple capitalism!

It’s wonderful because you wake up to it. You see yourself in the mirror and you don’t just like what you see, you wanna worship it. You want to lick the glass. (And sometimes you do. Meow.)

And it’s terrible because you think back on the endless years of self-loathing and self-doubt (YAWN!), the relationships you stayed in because you were afraid you couldn’t do any better (WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?!), and the dull shit you tolerated because you didn’t know you could ask for more.

But wait. We don’t instantly become goddesses because of sheer years on the planet. No. We become aware of our glory because it is something that we work on. It is a practice that we cultivate. It is a daily process.

Radical self love is like lipstick: you have to apply it every day to have an effect.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce Love Bomb! Because we want to be KILLIN’ IT when we’re older. Hell, we want to be killing it right now! And we cannot get there by burying our heads in the sand and pretending everything is fine. No no no. We get there by doing the work.

Love Bomb is a monthly membership to keep you on track. Every month, I select a different aspect of self-love — like bold new beginnings, or getting into your body — and we go deep! I film an exclusive video (usually about 20 minutes long) where we investigate the subject, you receive a beautiful worksheet so you can make connections and discover how it actually relates to your life, and you’ll be given a few challenges to help you move the work from your mind to your body. This is about transforming concepts into action. And it’s GOOD.

You’ll be invited into a badass Facebook community where you can meet babes who are working on the same things you are. ‘Cause we are all going to rule the world together! And finally, every month, I do a live video Q&A, so if you have any questions about the work, or your life, or you just want a hit of inspiration and motivation, you have a place to go.

It’s delicious. Well and truly.

You know, all I really want in life… is for women wearing cute outfits to be able to smile at each other and not play the comparison game. All I really want… is for women to be brave enough to prioritise their creativity. All I really want… is for EVERY woman to have at LEAST one orgasm a day. All I really want… is to live in a world of women who feel high on life, who can tap into their power at any time, who don’t shrink down to make others “comfortable”, and who create the lives they want. With passion, with enthusiasm, and with laughter.

And the only way to get there… is self-love.


You be killin’ ’em,

Photo by the Costa Sisters.