Got Blogger’s Block? Here Are 50 Ways To Kick Its Ass!

Confession time: I wrote this piece because this morning, I had blogger’s block! Normally, I schedule my posts ahead of time, but the last couple of weeks have been so nutty that I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. I woke up and stared blankly at my screen for a while… Until this came out!

Blogger’s block happens to the best of us. If you’re feeling stuck for topic ideas, glom onto one of these and get writing! The best way to beat blogger’s block is just to start typing, I promise.

Without further ado…

1. Write about your passion.

2. Set a timer for 9 minutes, and just start writing!

3. Find the best things in a category and write about them.

4. Research and write about your idols.

5. Take photos in your favourite place.

6. Make a list of your favourite blog posts on a particular topic by other bloggers!

7. Write about something you’re looking forward to.

8. Write a top 10 list.

9. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

10. Go on a roadtrip!

11. Plan an adventure.

12. Ask your readers what they’d like to read.

13. Write a letter to an ex-lover.

14. Rhyme.

15. Tell a secret.

16. Write in somebody else’s voice.

17. Interview someone fascinating.

18. Go to an aquarium.

19. Just write 150 words.

20. Ask your friends or family for ideas.

21. Write about what you were like as a teenager.

22. Play with magnetic poetry.

23. Tell a fairytale.

24. Write about your favourite shoes, meal, book, memory…

25. Talk about a decision that was hard to make.

26. Make a mixtape.

27. Write about how you want your life to feel.

28. Write about what you’re thankful for.

29. Write about something which scares you.

30. Write a how to post.

31. Record yourself speaking.

32. Write about your body.

33. Put together a rebuttal of something someone else has written.

34. Write a letter to a childhood friend.

35. Spend time with a stranger.

36. Re-write and improve upon one of your most popular posts.

37. Go for a walk, take your camera, pay attention.

38. Create a character and write a story around them.

39. Read outside of your normal interests.

40. Put together your bucket list.

41. Write a letter to your future child.

42. Write an apology.

43. Share a mistake from your history that you learned from.

44. Make a video!

45. Try something completely out of character, then write about it.

46. Have tea with your best friend and see what unfolds.

47. Write about a second chance.

48. Create a new regular column or feature.

49. Write a piece on the evolution of your personal style.

50. Get up from your computer and take a day off!

Good luck!

Photo from Style Me Pretty.