Happy Birthday Betty Dodson!

Legendary sex educator Betty Dodson turns 78 today! Happy birthday, you fabulous vixen!

“Much of her fame has come from her work not only advocating masturbation, but conducting workshops for more than 30 years in which groups of about 10 or more women would talk, explore their own bodies, and masturbate together. She hosted a public access cable television program in New York City in the early 70’s, and conducted her workshop – a dozen or so nude women discussing and practicing masturbation – on TV.”(From her Wikipedia page)

In fact, Betty kept doing these workshops… even after she had a hip replacement! Now THAT is devotion to a cause!

In honour of this incredible woman’s birthday, it seems only reasonable that we celebrate in a way that would make her proud! Here are some suggestions…

Buy Betty’s best-selling book, Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving. If you own it already, re-read it & get into it! Have a read (or a listen) to this interview between Betty & Dr Lori Buckley — who, from the transcript, sounds like the most enthusiastic person on the face of the planet! (It’s a good read.)

Put the internet to good use, & read websites by knowledgable, vivacious (& good-lookin’) sex experts! I love Violet Blue & Tristan Taormino — they are both accomplished authors with scores of books for you to work your way through. (Here are Violet’s books & these are Tristan’s.) Their websites are valuable resources for sex education, with tutorials, advice & links galore — & throw ’em a little money, why don’t you?

Be kind to your lover with a deliciously scented massage. Lush Cosmetics make fabulous massage bars — my favourites are Soft Coeur & Mange Too. They’re made with cocoa butter, so they melt easily. Warm them up in your hands before rubbing onto the skin of a willing participant & improving their day! (Be careful to store them somewhere cool, though… the windowsill or bathroom counter are not recommended!)

Buy something a little risque or shocking! Coco De Mer is an incredible boutique with real treasures for the adventurous. They even have suggestions for use for all of their items, which is brilliant. My favourite Coco de Mer products are the “teach me a lesson” ruler (hot!) & this blindfold which proclaims, “freedom is choosing whose slave you want to be”. Hmmm… ! I am also keen on the flutterby, these pearls (which you probably shouldn’t wear around your neck) & this crystal & leather whip. Ooh la la!

Seduce yourself. Take a bath, eat some ice-cream, get a manicure, wear your favourite dress, make “come hither” faces at yourself in the mirror or get more hands on! Then flick Betty an email & tell her how much you appreciate her life’s work…