Happy Gonzo Day!

Today is Hunter S. Thompson‘s birthday. If he hadn’t passed away in 2005, he would have been celebrating his 70th (probably by shooting his gun out the front of his house, aiming for the gong he had strung up on a nearby hill).

He is one of my favourite authors of all time… so I decided to dress in tribute.

Hunter S Thompson tribute

D&G sunglasses
Gun necklace
Khaki shirt from Ricochet
‘Department of Spontaneous Combustion’ patch given to me by a guy at Burning Man riding a tricycle which shot flame in the air
Lip Service skirt
Black leggings
New Rock boots

Hunter S Thompson tribute
Hunter S Thompson tribute

If you want to celebrate too, read some of his writing, watch Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (or one of the many documentaries about him), plan a roadtrip with a friend, have a drink, fire off a few rounds at a shooting range, crank up the Rolling Stones, turn on, tune in, drop out…

R.I.P. H.S.T.

P.S. Check out Violet Blue’s tribute — what a girl! Phew!