Hello From Hollywood!

Hello from Hollywood!

Hello from Hollywood!

I know it’s been a little quiet… I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past four days, shopping up a storm & having some intense (& much-needed!) girl time.

Nubby is, as always, a wonderful travelling companion. Our room has exploded with frothy 1950’s dresses, shoes & bags of candy. This has truly been the ultimate girl holiday, cruising from vintage store to vintage store, stopping at In-N-Out, drinking evil milkshakes at Swingers & laughing ’til we cry with Jazzi, Amy, Shae, Emily & Mary Bee. Quite frankly… It has been fantastic. I love all these girls so much!

Last night we drank toasted marshmallow cocktails in a bar that looks like a log cabin, complete with animatronic taxidermy (YES!!!) & bartenders who wear cub scout uniforms. This was after our psychedelic Mexican restaurant experience, with padded velvet walls & sparkling sombreros…

Vintage success!

I definitely scored at Shareen Vintage, otherwise known as Dress Mecca. Now, how to get it all home?

Uh oh...

We’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday!