Hello? Is It You I’m Looking For?

By Miles AldridgeBy Miles Aldridge.

Sometimes a girl needs some help! Yep, it’s true. I’m on the hunt, & maybe you could be the genius I’m seeking! I’m currently looking for…

A wardrobe stylist in Las Vegas, Nevada, for February the 22nd. You’ll be styling Kat, Nubby & me in a crazy fun shoot. If you — or someone you know! — think you could be the right fit, email me at gala@galadarling.com. Please include links so we can see your previous work!

Someone with experience coordinating AMAZING workshops, based in New York City. Have you ever hosted or taught a group & had a fantastic response? If so, let’s chat! Flick an email to gala@galadarling.com & give me some background on you!

Interesting ladies to interview! Do you have a crazy or unusual job that you’d love to wax lyrical about? Do you spend all your spare time knee-deep in a bizarre activity? Do you have some kind of interesting expertise that you’d like to share? Are you a witch, an astrologer, a therapist, or an interior decorator? Are you a stripper, a pilot, or a sex expert? Get in touch! I want to hear from you!

Your thoughts on radical self love homework! Yeah! I’m curious! What is the radical self love activity that you’ve had the most success with? If you wanted your best friend to dive first into her own radical self love fest, what would you recommend she do? Let us know here! (The list is GREAT GREAT GREAT to look through, too!)

Mammoth (hairy tusks & all!) amounts of love,