Help A Nonpareil Contest!

Dear amazing, clever, fabulous readers,

I often receive emails asking for advice, as you are probably aware. I have, however, noticed that most of you are JUST as good at giving advice as I am, & it seems silly not to utilise your magnificent brains! You all add such incredible value to iCiNG through your comments, so it seems right to create another opportunity for you to show how brilliant you are!

Here, then, is a desperate cry for help. I’d love to hear your responses. Even better, the best reply will receive a package full to the brim with beauty products & a letter from me! I might even throw in some purikura & fortunes…

If all goes well, this might become a regular feature. Who knows, maybe one of you will become the resident iCiNG Agony Aunt (or Uncle)! Let me know what you think!

“I’ve recently met a boy I find myself growing rather fond of and the feeling is mutual. My problem is if things are going to get even a little bit more serious he’s going to have to meet my parents. The issue stems from the fact that my parents are super conservative Christians. My father can be extremely judgemental. He once told me he immediately writes people with unnatural hair colours off as morons. Gala, I’ve been dying my hair every unnatural colour under the sun for the past four years! I’m also a straight A honor roll student. You’d think he’d know better.While they’re far from shunning odd people due to my having all ranges of pierced, tattooed, dyed and costume wearing friends that they love, they’ve also never dealt with me dating one necessarily. This boy dropped out of high school and got his GED. Something i know my father would frown upon. He now has a very well paying vocational job and lives in an apartment with his friends (another negative). He’s got rather large gauges and several visible, macabre themed tattoos. I’m seventeen, and he’s nineteen. I don’t want to lie about him (there’s no way that could turn out well, obviously), and I don’t want him to feel like he has to hide who he is. I guess as cliché as it is this is just another variation of the whole “good girl” attracted to the “bad boy” type deal. I’m at a complete loss as what to do! Help?!”

P.S. Please use your real email address, so that if you win I can notify you!