Here’s The Perfect Solution For Your Overflowing Stationery Drawer…

Radical Self Love Bible School

Do you have a secret cupboard somewhere in your house that overflows with stationery? Do you hoard gel pens and puffy stickers? Do you press your nose against the glass of the art supply store, wishing you had an excuse to buy even more fantastic patterned paper?

You are not alone! I am a total stationery fetishist too. But I never really knew what to do with all of my supplies until I started creating a Radical Self Love Bible.

One of the most important things we can do in our daily life is to focus on feeling good. Whatever we feel is what we will draw towards us. When you feel good, you attract positive people and experiences, and when you feel miserable or annoyed, you attract more of the same. If you make an effort to feel good as much as possible, your life will just keep getting better and better. One of the easiest ways to turn a day around is to consciously choose to do something that makes you feel good, rather than spiralling downwards. A Radical Self Love Bible is an art journal whose entire purpose is to make you feel really, really amazing.

My Radical Self Love Bible is a hardcover, spiral-bound A4 sketchbook, loaded with collages, loopy handwriting, and washi-taped images. One of my favourite things to do is sit down with my gold Eiffel Tower-shaped scissors, cut out pictures, and use my Sharpie to write on glossy magazine pages. It is my idea of heaven.

Radical Self Love Bible School

As I created my Radical Self Love Bible, I documented my process… And that became Radical Self Love Bible School, a really fun, creative course to help you unlock your inner artist and remember how much fun it can be to play with pens, paint, and paper! You’ll receive inspiring journalling prompts — as well as photos from inside my own Bible — every Sunday for 12 weeks. By the time you’re finished, your Bible will be bulging with goodness!

There is something so wonderful about devoting your summer to a creative project… And that’s why, for the next four days, Radical Self Love Bible School is only $60!

Radical Self Love Bible School

With Radical Self Love Bible School, you’ll be guided through specific prompts to encourage you to tap into the most magical places inside you. Your Bible will become a safe space you can retreat to, and practice moving away from an obsession with perfectionism. The minutes and hours you spend working on your Bible — journalling, collaging, and colouring — will become sacred time, an essential escape from your everyday life.

Art journalling in this way can become a major ongoing project if you find that it thrills you! I love peeking at the #radicalselflovebible hashtag on Instagram, and I’ve even created a Pinterest board full of inspiring images.

“If you like to cut & paste, celebrate your gorgeous self, and make a glittery mess, Radical Self Love Bible School is for you. I relish receiving Gala’s weekly lessons. The prompts help me to dig deep or look at my life in a new way, while peeking into her RSL Bible always give me new ideas for making my own art journal more creative and inspiring. I’ve come to savour the time I spend surrounded by magazine cutouts, glittery paint, and colourful pens. It’s a process that has helped me to solidify my self-love practice and create a record of everything that inspires me.” — Sarah Lambert

“Before I started Radical Self Love Bible School I was lost. I’m a creative, visual person but I felt like I’d forgotten how to release it. I was so concerned about my work looking perfect, I had lost the fun freedom of imperfect expression. Bible School has given me the key to unlock my heart. Despite being a writer I often struggle with the words I need to talk about myself. With my Bible I can escape from words for a while and use imagery and art to express how I’m feeling. I have found true love in my Bible.” — Rai Jayne Powell

“Before starting the Radical Self Love Bible School I often looked at my growing collection of magazines, stickers, glitter tapes, notes with quotes and poems. It took up so much space and I didn’t know how I would ever use it purposefully. When I started the RSLBS it became clear, that all these snippets have been waiting for the Radical Self Love Bible! I am still in the middle of the weekly projects and the Radical Self Love Bible already feels like home to my creative outbursts, ideas, sweet memories, love stories… I am so thankful to you Gala, who inspired me with the RSLBS to take time for myself regularly and be creative!” — Florentine Greving

Need more details? Click here to learn everything about Radical Self Love Bible School!

The sale ends on Sunday night, so if you’re keen for a fun, creative project to reconnect you to yourself, I got you!

Much love (and glitter glue),