Hey, New Zealander! Watch T.V. Tonight!


Hey, New Zealand!

This is a little reminder that there’s going to be a story about me on Sunday tonight… So flick on TV One at 7.30!

Big in the blogosphere

She’s a trendspotter with a very spunky business going. She’s big in the blogosphere and she is ours. Amy Paape of Lower Hutt – is now world famous in New York as ‘Gala Darling’.

She’s pulling money out of cyberspace by just being her – blogging about fun things, a positive approach to style and offering up something called “radical self love”.

Correspondent Tim Wilson says she is her own brand – a kind of tattooed frilly feminist.

We had so much fun shooting this — Tim & Douglas are pretty much just overgrown schoolboys! In between bouts of uproarious laughter, we went shopping, checked out some parties, did a spot of trapeze & talked about living life in New York City & online!

I can’t wait to see it & I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks so much to TVNZ & Tim Wilson for being fab.