High Vibe Honey: Week Of 16th July 2018

Hello beautiful, happy Sunday, and welcome to another High Vibe Honey! It’s your energetic reset for the week, because who doesn’t want a boost?! This week, I used the Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck by Gabriella Rosie, and the Holly Simple tarot deck. Support women artists and buy yourself one of each!

As always, in addition to pulling cards so you know what’s in store for the week ahead, we also do a tapping routine to stop OUTSOURCING OUR JOY to other people! Damn baby! It’s a biggie!

If you enjoy tapping with me, I created a brand new class called Illuminated. It’s a 5 day tapping class designed to help you drop bad old habits. I created it because I wanted to give up sugar, and it’s perfect for you if you want to do something similar, say go vegan, stop overeating, quit smoking, drink less, etc. The feedback I am getting on it so far is unreal — check it out if the idea resonates with you!

I’m also doing PERSONALIZED High Vibe Honey sessions now, where I get on the phone with you and pull cards and then we tap together to help you break through whatever is holding you back. We go DEEP in these sessions and the effects are incredible. You can click here to book in! Here’s an email I got about a session this week:

You mentioned that most likely a big energy shift would happen with my mother after our session and the tapping we did yesterday, and oh my god… The whole energy of when I walked into her house was shifted. It was incredible. She was loving and so happy to see not just my daughter, but me too. … I really, truly felt the shift. There’s still lots of work to be done, but I am very excited for the future of our relationship. I am so grateful for our conversation yesterday.


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