High Vibe Honey: Week Of 18th June 2018

Babycakes! It is time for another HIGH VIBE HONEY! Otherwise known as an excuse for me to shimmy into a cute outfit and a hot wig and make a video for you. Hahaha. I absolutely loved reading all your comments on last week’s episode, so don’t be a stranger and be sure to chime in on this week’s video too!

In case you missed the last one, High Vibe Honey is an energetic reset — a frequency kickstart — to start the new week off with a delicious bang. In this week’s video, I pull a couple of cards to show you what’s coming for the week (hint: it’s GREAT!), we do some tapping to call in your blessings with gusto, and then I invite you to get clear on your intentions for the week.

Click below to watch the video and as always, I’d love your comments! Did these cards resonate with you? How did the tapping feel? And what’s your intention for the week?



I hope you enjoyed this… I loved making it for you!

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