High Vibe Honey: Week Of 20th August 2018

Hello from West Hollywood and MY BRAND NEW HOUSE! Ahhhh! Exciting times. I filmed this week’s High Vibe Honey in my completely empty living room, but my lack of furniture certainly does not equate to a lack of enthusiasm… As you will see!

This week, we got some interesting cards: a little rumination on the past, a reminder to go within, and some DREAMY MOTHERFUCKERS to top it all off. Is it okay for me to call a tarot card (or two tarot cards) dreamy motherfuckers? I hope they don’t feel disrespected. I mean it as the highest compliment!

Oh… And our tapping was all about TRUSTING THE UNIVERSE, aka, becoming a physical embodiment of the praying hands emoji.


I used the Iris oracle deck and the How To Deal tarot deck!


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Photo by Made U Look Photography.