High Vibe Honey: Week Of 27th August 2018

Bonjour my love, and welcome to another High Vibe Honey: your energetic reset for the week ahead! In this video, I am dressed kind of like Dolly Parton on acid, I let you know some choices need to be made, and I present you with two possible pathways. It’s up to you: do you wanna learn the easy way… Or the hard way?

These cards are hilariously on point for so many people — my clients, my mother, even my best friend — so I hope that they’re just as helpful for you too.

I used Gabriella Rosie’s Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck and Holly Simple’s tarot card deck.


And our tapping this week is all about LETTING GO OF OUR DRAMA ADDICTION! Meow! If you really want to get things done in this world, you have to stop loving drama (and the attention it gets you).

Ooooh! The tea is scalding!

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Love always,